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How many more years of Kap?

We had to endure Alex for 8 which was too long.

Do we endure this pain with Kap again?
We want Colt!!!
Really? This place is insane.
bailing on kaep.
seems this place is as crazy as all the other 9er forums.
I'm calling right now to get a refund for my season tickets. I left after the 3rd quarter. I'm not wasting my time watching CRAP football. Kaepernick is a JOKE! One read only then runs the damn ball...every single time. Vernon Davis is SOFT...all week I hear he is PLAYING.

Well, we had a nice two years of back to the LOSING 49ers. I'm gonna start working Sundays. Rather make money than spend it on the losing 49ers.
Originally posted by horsecore:
Really? This place is insane.

I agree. The really guy cemented himself as a franchise QB.
Missing Alex Smith. Chiefs 3-0.
I dont know. How long do we have to endure threads like this?
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Suck for Teddy Bridgewater???
Originally posted by maximusdecimus:
bailing on kaep.
seems this place is as crazy as all the other 9er forums.

How dare you visit other forums... The Web zone is offended and hurt.
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Some of the dumbest s**t I've EVER read on the internet. Congrats.
Whenever BJ Daniels is ready I guess.
Really? Kap was a 2nd rd pick. Alex #1 pick. Big difference. Kap will be fine eventually. But he isnt getting 120M or 100M next year, he isnt ready to be elite status.