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Baalke: pay Crabtree whatever he wants

Originally posted by SofaKing:
Pay dat man.


Forget trying to b too CUTE with the criticism once guys finally get back healthy!! Our draft history is an epic failure at the position and we are overstocked with "potential" draft picks that are wasted, injured, or underutilized/misused!! PLEASE SIGN and PAY KING CRABS AND BOLDIN!!! Im extremely impressed with both!
this didnt really need its own thread, did it? I mean this could really have gone in the crabtree thread
Originally posted by Canadian9erfan:
If you have a top QB you dont need to pay ANY WR top money. So if we think Kaep is worth $100+ million, then he shouldnt NEED a premier WR to be effective, rather 2-3 average WRS would be fine, then money can be spent elsewhere like lineman, defence etc.

I mean if you look at a team like the Lions, they are paying Stafford and Megatron A LOT. I think we can all agree the Lions have NEVER been a true contender (including this year) with those 2 playing. ANd if 1 goes down, that team is 100% garbage as they have no depth.

I am not a fan of paying top $ to WR position, eventhough i love to watch WRs and their egos. So if Crabs will want primetime WR money, i think we let him test the open market and leave. (I dont want him to go)
Leave I understand and agree with not overpaying King Crab, but id rather not overpay Kaep, b/c I don't think he is that 100 million guy yet or if he ever will be for sure and im totally unsure (although i hope he will) whether or not HE NEEDS CRABTREE or a DYNAMIC SET OF TOP TALENTED RECEIVERS to be efficient/effective at all. He has all the talent and athleticism, but psychology and mental acuity (quickly processing and reacting to info fluidly) are essential to becoming GREAT at the QB position. So i say pay Crabs, just 2nd tier WR money, not Megatron dough.
You came to that conclusion after 15 pages and 2.5 months?

Edit:directed towards xtm
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Well, the next game will show a LOT about who is more valuable to us, Iupati, or Crabtree.
Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
ive seen what kap is like with average receivers and a beast in boldin and vd. i dont believe kap would even agree with you. lock up as many talented receivers as we can. crabs mere presence on the field yesterday changed the game completely. even despite the threat of a run we were effective passing the ball due to the threats we had in the passing game

AVERAGE receivers? How many yards does Baldwin have? Is that average for a receiver?

People are forgetting that VD plays TE, not WR. Just because he's fast, doesn't give him the skill set of a WR. How many times does VD catch an out route? Or an in route? Or a quick slant? Very rarely.
VD only runs fly, curl and post routes. That is great, but it doesn't give you what a WR gives you.

For example, like what Crabs did against the Rams, VD can't do that. It requires quickness and timing and agility. VD doesn't have that.

We have had ONE WR, and then a TE (not a WR) in VD. That is basically IT.
We have a rookie TE, learning to play the game, and then a couple WR's who Crabtree has already surpassed on the year after TWO catches.

Now that Kap has TWO actual WR's and a solid third in Manningham, we can now call this an offense.
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Originally posted by BrianGO:
Well, the next game will show a LOT about who is more valuable to us, Iupati, or Crabtree.

I don't think it's even close. I'll miss Iupati but we need Crabtree.
Originally posted by BrianGO:
Well, the next game will show a LOT about who is more valuable to us, Iupati, or Crabtree.

can Iupati go next week?
Huge game by Crab yesterday. I think we have to extend his contract. He's Kap's security blanket.
In the end, I think Trent will do what's best for the team moving forward.
Going to be an expensive offseason. Iupati, Crabs, Smith, Kap...
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Originally posted by VaBeachNiner:
Going to be an expensive offseason. Iupati, Crabs, Smith, Kap...

Starting to think Iupati might be the odd man out....
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Crabtree makes Kap. it's now even more evident.

pay. the. man.
I still don't understand how anyone thinks iupati has more value to this team. never did. its not even close. crab is worth 3 iupatis
OK. If Crabtree goes on to make some ridiculous catches and dominates the Super Bowl, I will agree with the title of this thread.

That's a big IF!

But if it happens, Trent, PAY THE MAN!
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