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Question for 49ers fans about new stadium

Surprisingly uninteresting.
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
Originally posted by sjsharks678:
I have a few questions for all the Niners fans out there who are living in or near San Francisco:

- When the 49ers move to Santa Clara next season, will you be traveling to their games? Yes

- Do you feel like they will be still representing the city of San Francisco, despite playing further away from their "home city" than any of the other teams in all four North American professional sports? They've represented the San Francisco Bay Area since 1946, not just the City and County.

Here are some more interesting facts....

- The 49ers' new stadium is further away from its "home" city than any other team in the NFL, including the teams in New York City — who play in New Jersey. The 49ers have been headquartered in Santa Clara, away from the "home city" for 25 years.

- The 49ers' new stadium is closer to the city of Oakland than the city of San Francisco. Not that Interesting

- The 49ers' new stadium is closer to UC Santa Cruz than it is to UC San Francisco. See above

- The 49ers' new stadium requires San Francisco residents to drive through fourteen other cities just to get to get to the home of the San Francisco 49ers, which is Santa Clara. That's a shame, but residents of San Francisco represent barely 10% of all season ticket holders. Like I said. It's a regional team.


A few thoughts

It is a shame about the season ticket holder percentage in the city..San Francisco is full of transplants now, and a bunch of original season ticketholders from the city have relocated throughout the bay..heck I'm a transplant here in the city, but my wife and her family are native San Franciscan and my father in law has had tickets since kezar..Naturally we're pissed they're leaving..but not surprised with the way the city has changed..its all Gavin Newsome's fault, along with these crazy supervisors
Yes niners are niners no matter where they play! If i move next town over, my name stays the same also!!!
As far as jets/giants thats just straight f**king pathetic not one represents jersey the state they play! Least they have kevin smith n jason mewes lmao
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Don't curr.......closer to my house
Originally posted by jimrat:
Don't curr.......closer to my house

This. lol

As a 20+ year season ticket holder, it's about time the team did something to make my game day expirience a little better. lol
Why is this even an issue? The NFL is so big right now that it isn't even a city-state type of thing anymore. Its not like Trojans are only from Troy and Romans only from Rome. 49ers fans are all over Northern California and all across the country and the world, 49ers fans aren't only from San Francisco.

SF had nearly two decades to keep the 49ers in San Francisco and it just didn't happen. The 49ers going to Santa Clara is a lot better than leaving the area entirely or continuing to play in a baseball stadium.
This thread got me thinking:


It's one of the most infamous chapters in NFL uniform history: In 1991, 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. held a news conference, during which he proudly unveiled a new helmet design for his team. Twitter and Facebook didn't yet exist, so fans responded by flooding the team's switchboard with outraged phone calls. The response was so swift and so severe that the Niners basically said "never mind" the following day and withdrew the helmet design, which never made it onto the field.

The man who designed that logo -- in other words, the man whose work was once again booed off the stage, just like in New England -- was Stevens Wright.

"He was disappointed, sure, but he had a good sense of humor about it all," Wright Woo says. "He didn't take it personally, because he just gave the 49ers what they had asked for. It wasn't as much of an artistic design, like what he'd done for the Patriots. For me, though, it was horrible to see it get hammered like that, on the news and everything."

It could have been worse. Wright's files show that at one point he was tinkering with a red helmet shell for the Niners, which probably would have had fans reaching for the torches and pitchforks.

The files also contain a handwritten memo to Wright from Boss. There's no date on it, and it's not clear which phase of the design it's referring to, but it stresses that "DeBartolo wants to emphasize 49ers, not SF."

Wright Woo thinks this emphasis on the team over the city is part of why fans reacted so negatively to the design. "There was a lot of grumbling about the team moving at that time," she says. "They had moved their offices, the stadium supposedly wasn't that good, and all that. So aside from how the design looked, which I know some people may not have liked, I think people viewed the missing 'SF' as part of the plan to move the team."

In any case, Wright's design was mothballed -- but not before it had already been incorporated into the 1991 NFL style guide and been licensed to some of the league's corporate partners.

Can you imagine if this was our current theme ?
Awful design. Nothing to do with team or city. Just yuk.
gonna change name to Santa Clara 49ers.
In order to stay true the their name, maybe the 49ers should have built the new stadium at Sutter's Mill, in Coloma, CA (not Colma) where gold was first discovered. LOL.

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Thanks Rain man
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