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Harbaugh's Discipline

oh noes! he's losing the team! he's losing his mind! fire him he cant beat the seahawks!
Sigh.....I knew it was going to be a long week after the loss, but I didn't expect it to be this long. Can tomorrow come any sooner? If we win tomorrow, everybody will stop panicking and forget about all this. Go niners!
Man, we get a lot of DUIs. I guess, in the 49ers players' defense, it's not that easy to just take a cab home when you live in the suburbs of the Santa Clara/San Jose area. It's a little bit conducive to driving drunk. But Aldon's first one did happen in Florida. The 49ers need to hire a professional ass paddler for him. I keep not being concerned because he seems like a good person, but evidence that he's a clown keeps growing. He better pull his head out quick.
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Originally posted by Amir:
lol most of you dudes got some sandy vaginas.

Let's all judge and then when the facts come out...we'll all celebrate if we were right!
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He hasn't even been to court how can you suspend him.
It is possible that Smith is a full-out clinical alcoholic. I believe 7am drunks is proof that he is. This puts him in a different situation than mere thugs or simple idiots.

If this is true, then he needs to immediately be steered into some meaningful program. The team is better situated than some far-away suits to do this and they should if they actually care about the guy and his long term contribution and life, actually.

Punishment next year is stupid and serves no purpose. The team should be doing this and immediately if it is to actually help the guy. It is almost like they are afraid Smith won't like them or something and want to be his buddies. Or maybe they just hope he makes it through each week and plays each game, for as long as possible until he doesn't show up one day.
Originally posted by carlgo:

Punishment next year is stupid and serves no purpose. The team should be doing this and immediately if it is to actually help the guy.

Punishment on the NFL playing level and rehabilitation of Aldon Smith are two separate things. The team can proceed immediately with trying to help Aldon Smith while the NFL punishment part of it works its way through the system. And, like Marshawn Lynch, if it is delayed long enough, Aldon might have the opportunity to demonstrate that he has taken steps with the team's help to fix his problem. I'm not sure why some of you are so damned intent on the punishment part taking place immediately and yet seem to think he needs help.
One s**tty call, one good call
Originally posted by susweel:
fire Harbs bring back Sing. lol

get this nonsense out of here.

Harbaugh is the best in NFL history.

only a combined 7 penalties in last two games
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