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why doesn't harbs/roman script the first 15 plays of the game old school style?

They do.

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I don't think scripting plays is necessary to success. It worked for Walsh and many of his proteges..and it was much ballyhooed in the era before the complete computerization of the game.

Now, I don't think there's a coach out there that doesn't walk into a game with some type of script...or at least an idea of what to try to run in the early stages of the game.
Tom Rathman should be doing it....he comes directly from the Walsh tree....these two? not so much
Originally posted by frenchmov:
remember when we used to do this? i guess it's a new NFL or whatever but this would be something to try out. could've really helped us to start the game in seattle too!

His do you know that they don't? I remember reading an article where Roman said that he does (not sure if for every game).
Kap needs to step up and talk to Harbaugh and Roman and say "Look I've got running Talent, we still don't have our receiving corp, open the lanes up by spreading the DEFENSE instead of them lining RIGHT In Front to get Me!!! Let's USE our Talent!!! Let's use Vernon, Lamike, Boldin, T.O, and Osgood or McDonald in the same PLAY!!!!"!!!! Tell me the panthers would of sent the House @Kap!!!! Tell me with THAT line up Kap couldn't score from our own 20 if this Arsenal lined up!!!! Wilson is doing it with Mediocre receivers!!!! At least Carol is spreading/stretching the Field!!!! Tell me Wilson has more Talent and height than Kap!!! We NEED T.O!!!! If we had we health and talent OK! But we Don't!!!! Write a contract that sez T.O if you start to ACT up your OUT!!!! Defense needs to play Tight And send Blitzes! We have a Super FS that's SMART and can STAY disciplined and NOT allow BOMB tds every Drive!!! We need to let Lamike DO HIS THING!!!! And we need to let KAP do his THING!!! We CANNOT play to the opposing Defense' STRENGTHS!!!! Look at Reid and Alex!!! He using Alex' cerebral talent, Not his Rocket Arm!!! Kap is young, has Limited Talent around him and Harbaugh is STILL setting him up with STUPID SCHEMES!!! When Gores Hot they pass, when he's stuffed they Keep running!!! I just don't get it!!! Every play is Late, and that's Not by design!!! Time to start promoting Rathman and Tomsula!!! I know T.O has had issues.... But I believe he's a Good guy that had Voids in life that are critical in living everyday Human life! He's NEVER had trouble with anything else other than running his opinions! The guy was Frustrated with issues that I Have!!!! Just WIN Man!!!! He Always played with Passion and Grit!!! He just couldn't put up with guys and schemes that didn't make SENSE!!!!! We need T.O and he Needs US!!!!! Nuff Sed!!!
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
I'm sure they have 2-3 plays scripted for whatever look the D presents.

Something I'd like to see us get back to is years ago, we always expected to score on out first series in every game. I'm talking days of Joe & Steve.

Even Mooch and Garcia were good at this.
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