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Game 2 Assessment:

In Seattle once you get behind, with that crowd noise, things snowball out of control. That first score would've made a big difference in the game. As far as if this is an indication of a down year.......we'll see soon enough.
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Fire Mangini he brought his curse to the niners
Seattle at home is tough for any team.
I love NT. If we would have won, the threads would have been how we are the greatest team ever, and since we lost, the sky is falling, all is lost, we are doomed.

We lost to a good team, last I checked all of the guys on the field are pros and get paid to play this game. We lost, theres 14 more of these things to go. Then its the playoffs, and then offseason. You really want the offseason? On these forums? lol We played a game and lost, I'm sure we'll lose at least one more this year. Its a game, everyone plays to win. Enjoy rooting for your team, the sky isnt falling, they are built for the long run, one loss isnt the end of the world.
At the end of the third quarter the score was 12-3, even though the 9ers had played one of their worst offensive games in memory. How on earth does that represent a pattern? Bad games happen.
Originally posted by threelittlebirds:
It is one game in a very long season. I think 2011 spoiled us as fans after nearly a decade of sucking. That 2011 team was so good that they had a chance to win every game, with maybe the exception of that short week trip to Baltimore. Last year's team was beat down by the Giants and the Seahawks but still got to the Super Bowl. Parity has changed the NFL, because it is a lot easier to find yourself in a blowout loss when you have such high rates of roster turnover each year.

Baltimore even got rocked by the Texans last year. Denver beat them in the regular season... someone already mentioned the Eagles game in 1994. Bottom line, the outcomes of games in the regular season have no impact on what happens in the playoffs.

BINGO!! So true. I remember in 2010 in December, the Patriots rocked and smashed the Jets 45-3 at home on Monday Night. and 6 weeks later in the divisional playoffs in Foxboro, the Jets went up there and handled the Patriots.. This Loss hurts, but it was a sloppy close game for 3 quarters until the 49ers became unraveled in the late 3rd early 4th Quarter. Long season men. Injuries could happen to any team at anytime. Trades could happen, suspensions could happen etc etc etc, Long ways to go.
Originally posted by susweel:
it was one game it a crazy loud place thats all, nothing else

you say a lot of things i think that are meant to incite other people and others that I think are just downright crazy but on this i cant agree with you more
As long as we do not play Seahawks in Seattle in the playoffs we are all good.

I don't know why, but Seattle plays the 49ers like it is the biggest game of the season while the 49ers just don't seem to give a damn (treat it like any other game).
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Originally posted by billbird2111:
This was the second game of the season and nothing more than that. You can't tell which way a team is heading after two games.

A distinction needs to made between football and bragging rights.

If you engage in trash talk with fans from other teams, the loss in Seattle really puts you at a disadvantage.

A distinction needs to be made between hype generated by the media and football.

If you really think that the various weekly power rating proffered by media experts have value, the loss in Seattle may be devastating.

If football is important, you know that it having a 1-1 record after two games means very little.
In fact, having a 2-0 record after two games does not guarantee a good year.

Here's a hint, dont bring up the law of averages for a team that stunk for a full decade and had 2 winning seasons.
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Originally posted by midrdan:
Originally posted by threelittlebirds:
I didn't even see Gore get open on that 2nd video where he locked in on Miller... good catch. I'm not really concerned about that because Miller was wide open too, should have been a 1st if it wasn't at his freakin knees. You're right though, they did miss a lot of chances to dump off to Gore. I think that play where Patton got thrown down did draw a flag, I'm pretty sure it did. That last clip where Moore was wide open is such a let down. Like I said, props to Seattle's pass rush for forcing Kap to escape... because Seattle's secondary screwed up and left him wide open. Even the deepest safety was running to the other side of the field. If Kap had just a little more time in the pocket or would have actually seen him when he rolled out, that could have gone for a TD. Not sure how fast he is so maybe the Seahawks could have covered the ground and got him inside the 10... but either way, can't leave plays like that on the field on the road.

Until Kaep shows that he can read the entire field, the jury is still out on him being an "elite" QB. The coaching staff may be trying to cover up a few things here. Granted, Kaep faced a lot of pressure but a lot of posts around here make it seem like our receiving corp. was just swallowed whole by the SEA secondary. I'm not so sure ... There are QBs in the league that would have destroyed SEA's scheme. I'm guessing Kaep is not there YET and our coaching staff knows it.

He shouldn't even be considered elite yet. Nobody deserves that without at least 3 years as a starter. For him, I might make an exception at 2.5 years
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Originally posted by threelittlebirds:

Video 1 Comments: So, Pete wants to ask where Boldin is, cocky punk. Here Boldin is beating Sherman not once, but twice before Kap threw the INT. The first time Sherman and Pete the Cheat are just lucky that the passrush forced Kap out before he noticed that he might have had a TD. The very next play, Boldin trucks Sherman out of the way and Kap sees it but doesn't make the throw since the LB and Safety rush to help... personally, I think Kap could have made the throw for an easy TD... not sure why he hesitated.

Video 2 Comments: I don't like how Seattle exploits that 5 yard rule, but it is a rule so I have to accept it. One thing I cannot accept is how they also allow the Seattle DBs to make contact and prevent routes from being run well beyond the 5 yards. 2 examples here, 1st one is Sherman engaging Boldin at the top of the screen at around 7 yards and the other is VD having a safety dive into him past 5 yards too. Now, the exception would be if Kap left the pocket... but on these two plays as well as others in the game, Kap never left the pocket.

Video 3 Comments: The first play is Kyle Williams doing a nice job on the opening series 3rd down of beating the CB and with a good throw it could have been a completion. But, Kap was set on the short dump to Miller and threw a bad pass on that. The 2nd play, just our boy McDonald doing his thing... we really need to find a way to get that boy more involved. 3rd play, in my opinion the only missed opportunity in the game. Kap got flushed again so kudos to their pass rush, but even on the run I think he still could have hit Moore for a big gain and at least a 1st down.

That is a very interesting analysis. That suggests to me Kap had a big part to play in our demise. From what I have seen of Kap to date, yes he can get rattled, but to miss open receivers like that tells me he was seriously rattled just like he was in the last game.

So, all in all, I would say it was a combination of factors that led to both blowouts, the noise might have rattled Kap a bit, but I would say it was more likely because of the violent pass rush together with the tight secondary coverage. I think Kap is intimidated when he plays the Seahawks. But, apart of Kap, there were still many other issues such as game-planning, playcalling, O-line to name a few.
I would like to make a couple of minor points before I delve into the major ones.

First quit blaming the defense. In fact praise the defense because the 1st half of this game they played like mad men. 10 out of 18 carries by Lynch in the first half were less than 3 yards. Wilson was 9/18. The 3rd down conversion rate was 31%. By my calculations they generated 5 pressures and 3 sacks in the 1st half.

Here are the 1st half drives.

1 - 3 and out
2- 1st and 10 Lynch busts off 21 yard run. It was a very inventive play and Asomugha missed a tackle. 1 and 10 incomplete. 2 and 10 holding. 2 and 15 incomplete. 3 and 15 INT Reid.
3 - 3 and out
4 - They put a drive together and make it to SFs 33 yard line from their 32. 1 and 10 illegal formation. 1 and 15 5 yard run Turbin. 2 and 10 fumble recovered. 3 and 13 A Smith sack. Punt to our 3 yard line.
And then Miller holds in the EZ.

5 - 3 and out.

And then Kaepernick waves his hands in the air like he just don't care..... and get's stripped by Avril. Recovered by Wright at the 29 yard line.

6 - Seattle picks up one 1st down to the 12 and then another 3 and out. FG is good.

The defense pitched a shut out in the 1st half as far as I'm concerned. There's nothing wrong with our defense. You can reference the Green Bay all you want but the fact of the matter is Aaron Rodgers scores points, and it doesn't matter how good you are.

So why am I acting like the 1st half was the only half?

Because I don't think anything productive can come from analyzing the late 3rd/4th quarter play. I found nothing educational as far scheme or technique are concerned. All I saw was needless penalties that extended drives which led to points on the board. These we're not defensive assignment errors or alignment errors but individual choices that should not and better not happen again. So I'm going to pretend like they didn't happen along with that entire portion of the game.

So what happened to the offense?

The Hawks have one of the best secondaries I have ever seen, and we have a very raw WRs core. A core that is missing 2 of it's top 5 to injury. Seattles GP was man cover the depleted WR core and stack the box. I counted at least fifteen 8 man boxes when we were running 2 WRs. It wasn't just the extra man either. They knew where the point of attack was, and exactly how to defend it.

The first play for example was a big I formation(1wr,2te,1hb,1rb). Kaep under center handed the ball off to Gore who followed Millers lead. Chancellor put himself into the position to take Millers lead block so he can seal the edge and stretch the play out. This would allow Wagner/Wright to attack it from the side. Gore decided to cut back though, and make one of those inside bruiser runs. This is how I know they studied these running formation extensively. Wagner instinctively knew to crash the inside gap. He was completely clean and in perfect position too.

Now before people start flaming me just realize I'm not trying to say he sucks or anything. I point out things I notice. I wouldn't just say them to get a rise.

I think Gore is becoming one dimensional. First off Gores production suffered greatly under the front 8 of Seattle, and generally he has a good game against them. It's also concerning that he couldn't get it going against GB. He still has great vision but I believe he's slow getting to the edge. It doesn't even appear like he tries to get to the edge anymore. I wish I could get the stats for the game but I would be willing to bet a majority of his runs were up the middle Sunday. When he was trying to run the edge it's almost like he's moving in slow motion. Which is crazy because when he bursts up the middle it looks like he's covering 20 yards in 3 seconds.
Maybe it was the speed of the defense because the entire running game looked slow.

In the 3rd qtr Anthony Dixon got a carry, and he was able to bounce outside and run the edge for 5 yards. I couldn't help but think how much different this game would've been if we had a more agile and creative back to put in that could break the edge because Gore is looking pedestrian.

I guess what really I'm trying to say is I can't wait for LMJ to get back.

The real question is where the hell was Hunter?

He came in at the end of the 3rd for 1 snap. We could've really used a change of pace and I have absolutely no idea why he wasn't played more. He might've been hurt then he played a snap to see if he could play and couldn't. Then again there has been no reports at all so that can't be it.

Last and definitely not least.

Kaepernick had the worst game of his career. Maybe his worst game including the ones that haven't happened yet. His 1st interception in the RZ was a misread coverage. He thought it was man but it was zone so the corner drifted off his guy to get the tip. He tried to force the pass in. Something he is known to do quite, and dangerously I might add. I wonder how much different this game would've been had we gotten that TD. The worst part about it is that he KW on a crossing route. He most likely would've gotten tackled at the GL, but it was still a better option.

He also committed one my biggest QB pet peeves. He moved into pressure. At least 3 times the tackle would have the end blocked but Kaep would needlessly jump around and open up a rushing angle for the defender to run into. One of those 3 times he could've done a simple step up and avoided the pressure that really wasn't even close to getting there.

Also he seemed confused on what to do outside of the pocket. I counted 3 times where he should've just turned on the jets because he would've beaten the LB but instead he looks for the pass. He also tried a pump fake which was quite disheartening. If he wants to wait for the pass to develop then he needs to learn how to move in the pocket like a pure pocket passer. If he wants to escape the pocket he needs to take the game into his hands because he's a 1st down running machine.

Last probably most importantly Kaep needs to literally throw the short ball 500 times a day. He missed 5 short throws on Sunday. As I was watching him squander 1st down after 1st down I finally realized why we don't screen often. I love having Miller involved too because getting the FB involved in the passing game is always a plus, but if Kaep doesn't hit these flat/underneath/spill route throws we're going to see alot of stalled drives. In the I formation(2wr,1te,1fb,1rb) the FB through the rotations is left open underneath half the time.I think this game is a blessing in disguise for Kaepernick. Kaepernick/Harbuagh know what needs work. I mean could we honestly think Kaep was a finished product. I realize he's a "superstar" but on a real level this guy has only just begun. I find that encouraging.

Ultimately if I had to put blame on someone it would be the coaches. They had over 8 months to save us from another Centurylink embarrassment, and this is what they came up with. Absolutely 0 adjustment. They played right into Carrols hands. They played right into the strength of the Seattle defense.

One last thing I think Dorsey was incredible this game. It's unfortunate Williams is out for the year but I think Dorsey is going to step up big.
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Originally posted by eonblue:

Well first off we lost to one of the best teams in the NFL.


Let's see them beat somebody significant outside of their noise box.
Originally posted by BrianGO:
Originally posted by eonblue:

Well first off we lost to one of the best teams in the NFL.


Let's see them beat somebody significant outside of their noise box.

They beat us. That's all that really matters at this point. I can't write about a game that hasn't happened yet. Although they did just beat Carolina away.
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