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wow i kind of Zoned out for a second and all the sudden i hear Joe Staley screaming again. Im like "Oh f**k not again!" Then i look at the TV and they were just playing the clip
Why doesn't James get legit playing time?
Not sure why they wait until garbage time to give James some carries. He's got speed like nobody else on this offense.
I am sorry and I bet that hurt like crazy but....

HAHAHAHA at Staley's reaction
Originally posted by SoCal9er:
Way to stay inbounds LMJ, but don't risk injury to do it.

stayed in bounds
Originally posted by 49ersking:
Should the 49ers take out some of the starting OLinemen?

Only have 2 backups...
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Originally posted by ninerjok:
Why does LMJ think he's a sliding QB

Slid so he stays in bounds and doesn't stop the clock.
LMJ looks good when the opposing D doesnt care
this is what i wanted out of our offense... a mixture of Gore, Hunter/James, Dixon.
LaMichael must be running against the back ups.

Niners' football, great D and imposing their will with the running game.

Feels good.
Originally posted by SoCal9er:
Only Kilgore and Snyder are suited up. Not sure...

Yeah stupid 7 man inactive rule means in a blow out we got all guys active playing. Only one out is Goodwin for Kilgore. If wasn't a rule we'd have Looney out there too.
Hunter doesn't get enough carries
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Four headed running attack! Love it!
McCoy looking good out there lol
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