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are you guys finally happy? they benched Kap for Dolt like yall asked.
Nice Alex Smith slide LMJ
Way to stay inbounds LMJ, but don't risk injury to do it.
Anyone see A. Davis pet LMJ?
If LMJ is only going to get garbage time maybe we should move him for a DE
Hunter doesn't get enough carries witch is stupid
Originally posted by ninerjok:
And now the backup goes potato.

The Texans go twice-baked
Should the 49ers take out some of the starting OLinemen?
Why does LMJ think he's a sliding QB
LOL at Dixon bouncing around today, he's got some light, happy feet.

that defender didn't want no part of Dixon on that...
Originally posted by OregonNiner87:
If the mod's think I'm trolling I'll stop whatever I'm doing? The truth is we haven't seen a single improvement from Kap yet, and that's putting it nicely.

Other than the injuries at defensive line, the defense has been playing incredible. Kap doesn't have to do much more to win these type of games (especially when the opposing QBs throws pick-sixes).

Ugh that's kinda the point dude.

Niners have had control of this game from the start. We didn't need Kaep to take over. Also, Watt punished A Davis on quite a few drop backs.
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Originally posted by smithgdwg:
McCoy comes in...we lose 35-34.

Originally posted by 49ersking:
Should the 49ers take out some of the starting OLinemen?

Only Kilgore and Snyder are suited up. Not sure...
We will see how the secondary holds up against the elite teams but I think just about all of us have been surprised by how well the secondary has played. Some thought it was a weak spot but so far it's held up well. Doing much better than the WR situation where guys haven't stepped up unlike at CB. Brown is solid, Rogers is playing better this year, Whitner much better this year, Reid is playing better than Goldson which is saying a lot, Brock has stepped up, Cox is a good 4/5, Morris has speed to burn...wish we would have kept Copper over Ventrone and especially Stupar. And we haven't seen Wright yet. Not sure he has a spot on this team at this point. And that's without Culliver. Just a shame that Brown will be gone, Rogers could be gone. Brock and/or Cox could be gone...
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