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2013 - Week 2: Thoughts after watching the game...

Nice job... Offense looked pathetic. Absolutely NO run game. No blocking at all. Frank is a patient runner, he doesn't just burst out and hit the designed hole. He is patient and looks for openings. Last night, Frank looked like he had no chance at all. Staley got raped on a few run plays. This needs to get addressed and I think it will. This o line is a really good line, in running and passing.

Kap accuracy looked bad. Real bad. A lot of that can be attributed to not being comfortable in the pocket. It was caving in quickly last night. He was a little jittery back there. He also made some bad decisions on where to go with throws. On a few plays I noticed the major lack of separation and guys getting open. Not that we would have won if we had Crabs, but it showed last night.

Besides the penalties, the defense played well. Some mental errors, and some horses**t calls by the refs. But, they played decent. Better than the score indicates. Our offense f**ked the defense. The tipped ball INT really changed the game. Kap missed the defender, horrible read.
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I remember scratching my head a bit when early in the game I saw Bruce Miller motion out wide to a flanker spot.

I hope Harbaugh is embarrassed enough to implement some real change because last night was a f**king disgrace.
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Two weeks in, and I think we've given the ball to an RB outside of the tackles once or twice. Everything's up the gut, into a mass of humanity for 1 or 2 yards. Looking like Singletary's offense.

Its funny how people see things differently. You say we have run too much power. Guys like sus say we didn't do it enough.

Goes to show that its just as simple as doing the opposite of what know, like you should know what wasn't going to work then doing the opposite before you ever tried and failed at doing what didn't work. depends on the situation.

Run up the gut with Gore from normal formation =

Run up the gut with Gore from pistol formation =

Run toss to Hunter from normal formation =

Run toss/counter from pistol formation with Hunter =

Run up gut with Hunter from normal formations =
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We need Bruce Miller to run some more routes. At least 20 targets a game from now on
I was really ashamed at how that corner Maxwell slung Patton across the field like a child .. along with the Sherman hit on Kyle on the screen and Frank getting drug across the field as well .. those plays really stood out to me. Men among boys and it was painful to watch .. say what you want to say but Seattle will have supreme confidence in coming to San Fran and shutting us down again .. they manhandled our offense ..week 2 or week 22 who cares the way they beat us will linger. Even if we make it back to the super bowl it will not be right unless we beat Seattle
The gameplan was definitely a problem. The solution against this defense is not a traditional run offense as previously suggested. We were supposed to spread the field against this team. 4 to 5 pass catchers and get Seattle to move away from their 8 man box. We then could have mixed in the run.

We played right into their hands. We played tight formations and Seattle had no trouble stopping the run and shutting down the 2 or 3 pass catchers we sent out.

Their pass rush wasn't anything special. They got a better jump off the snap because of the crowd noise, but the bigger problem was no receivers were open. Kap had time in the pocket -- nobody open. He rolls out to buy time -- nobody open.

Common theme was nobody was open. They beat our o-line with numbers in the run game, we should have taken the same approach in the pass game. 5 cannot block 8. An 8 man box cannot stop 4 or 5 WR spread.

I'm not even saying run spread all game. I'm just saying run the spread until you force Seattle to move away from their comfort zone on D. We made it easy for them.
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"The problem wasn't the was the execution. Seattle was GLUED to receivers all night and the O-Line just couldn't get a push."

Marvin, its easy to glue our receivers when the personnel we have there is a full back as one of our receivers... running routes..getting the ball thrown to him, with of course him dropping it.

it might not have been the "plan", but it was the "personnel" the coaches choose to use. I mean they also had Osgood out there running routes, what threat does he pose?

we continue to run Gore out of the pistol formation...again personnel we use. I've said it before, but we should always have Hunter or James back there for the pistol. Hunter can pass block for alittle guy. And we need to run regular WCO formations for Gore.

its the coaches man....Seattle has adjusted to us, where as we still seem stubborn to make adjustments.

Thank you!!!!!! Everyone is good in the nfl. It's about adjustments. Our use of personnel and scheme just scream of arrogance. Our scheme obviously wasn't working and there was no plan to do anything different

I call BS on that one.

First series of the game and they came out in no huddle. That is a radical shift from anythig they've done before. The plan was to wear the defense down and slince the crowd. If they'd been able to convert a few first downs, it may have worked.

The problem was in EXECUTION.

Hell, if Miller can catch the ball the Niners might have been up 7-0. Instead there's a pick and the Niners never get in the endzone.

The score really doesn't matter because it was a CLOSE game before the 49ers started handing out 1st downs in the redzone on Personal Fouls. The score got nuts when they went down by more than 2 scores and THEN went outside their regular offense. What happened then?

Turnover city. Thats how the score got out of hand.

The score got really lopside and could have been worse had Seattle tried to score at the end, but it was a close game most of the way through before some mistakes blew it open. Credit goes to Seattle for taking advantage and just keeping at it when things weren't going well early.

I don't see the no huddle as a team doing anything different. Is is 2013 for Christ sakes, if your team can't run the no huddle you don't belong in the nfl....

Yes, I agree execution was a problem, only made worse by penalties and turnovers against a really good team...

But seeing your wideouts getting punished cause they were in bad positions (no bunches, ) and seeing our running game (13 yards by rbs) tells me we were outcoached by Seattle. Again. They find ways to gameplan against us and we can't seem to do the same back... Is that coaching or is Seattle that much better???

Still have faith that we are gonna put together a real great season. As always, Marvin, appreciate your analysis,

If you don't think the 49ers running no huddle on the first drive of the game isn't a departure from their regular offense then you haven't been understanding what they've been doing on offense.

They're entire offense has been all about SLOWING DOWN. They run fewer plays than any other team in the NFL because they run so many pre-snap shifts and so forth. Even with Alex they did that. It also keeps the D fresh and they control the clock.

Going no huddle like that completely changes their offensive philosophy. That was a HUGE shift.

In fairness also could have been part of the problem. Without all of those pre snap shifts, it made the D harder to read and may have been one of the reason Kap misread the coverage on the first INT.

My point is simply that they didn't just stubbornly "do what they do". They made an attempt to do something outside the box. They just weren't successful doing it and didn't execute well.

Great summary as always. My problem is that we never adjusted. It was clear that ADavis was having problems with his guy and Kap just wouldn't have all day to throw the ball long. What did we do? We kept trying. The short reads were his 3rd option and by the time he got to the third receiver, it was too late. I wanted the scheme offensively to adjust - so you're going to take Boldin away and Davis? Okay fine we're going to feature "x" receiver. The gameplan never does this. However, let's be clear Kyle Williams isn't the answer - never was and we need to give either Moore or Patton a chance to at least compete with Williams. The running game never accounted for Seattle's new scheme -which they got from the Rams. What's silly is that we arrogantly assumed it was simply an execution issue and not that teams would actually copy how the Rams beat us last season and re-use it in some form or another against us. Seattle certainly has the talent. Don't be surprised when others bring this to town (Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston). Roman/Chryst and company need to get back to the drawing board and figure it out.
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Hate to say it....Seattle is the newer meaner and more physical version of the 90's Cowboys. Pure dynasty in the making. The 49ers? Yeah we will be lucky to ever sniff another Lombardi in this lifetime. Gotta say it's going to be very hard for us in the next few years.....


LOL. Relax.
Marvin do you have the number of how many plays Kap has taken under center?

Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:

Gameplan: I disagree with you on the game plan. I don't think it was a very good game plan at all. We keep running this stupid pistol and read option s**t with Frank Gore. Frank gore should have most of his runs from the i form and let the man run north and south. Also, I hate hate hate when Bruce Miller motions out wide. What the f**k do we have a fullback lining up at wide receiver for? What we should have done was use more wide receiver sets and use motions or bunch formations to get guys a free release off the line of scrimmage. We should have matched Vernon up more out wide against Kam Chancellor. He had Dick Sherman beat by a few steps, if Kap just throws a good ball that's a great long completion.

This! Poor game plan and they know it! The way we were getting in plays was great BUT if you are going to waste time motioning do it for a reason not to make unnecessary shifts. Trio even stacked twin set with WRs would have helped get guys open. Also, how about a screen or some quick passes to get guys open in space! Terrible game plan and we must get faster RBs in to run read/option plays. Keep frank for the power running game or to help block in single back shotgun sets...
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Marvin do you have the number of how many plays Kap has taken under center?

Nope. Refuse to watch it again. Thats why the name of this thread isn't "after REwatching the game".
Originally posted by Marvin49:
Originally posted by jreff22:
Marvin do you have the number of how many plays Kap has taken under center?

Nope. Refuse to watch it again. Thats why the name of this thread isn't "after REwatching the game".

Can you pull the numbers for the first game? I want somebody to track that figure.
Once again, I have to agree with you there.

I think the biggest problem is that our offense is based on making adjustments on the line. This is the first time they've ever gone silent, and it showed. The problem I have is the problem I have always had with Seattle. Those corners mug the receivers and never get called for it. I think the speed of the D line actually helps them get away with it because the QB doesn't have the time to get the throws out cleanly and refs are probably seeing it as the QB not making a clean throw.

The one that sticks out in my mind the most was the hitch and go to Williams. The DB literally gives it everything he can to shove Williams out of bounds. The ball is in the air and nothing was called.

I think the only way we beat Seattle in Seattle is if Crab, Boldin, Davis, and Vance are all on the field because our smaller guys aren't strong enough to handle it
Originally posted by Marvin49:
Originally posted by NYVAGIANTSSUCK:
Hate to say it....Seattle is the newer meaner and more physical version of the 90's Cowboys. Pure dynasty in the making. The 49ers? Yeah we will be lucky to ever sniff another Lombardi in this lifetime. Gotta say it's going to be very hard for us in the next few years.....


LOL. Relax.

I am giving up, we cannot beat this team and probably will not for the next 10 years......They are a force of nature that can't be explained......
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