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2013 - Week 2: Thoughts after watching the game...

Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
nice post

We clearly don't play well in their it a problem, sure. Reason to panic? Hell no, we need to come back harder and prepare better, that is all.
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Overall our defense played well. Our offense did not help the defense out with all the turnover. I would like to see our offense start running the ball in big sets and pull the guard like we used to. Running the ball from the pistol is not working right now and a power running formation better suits our offense personnel. Have to give credit to seattle. their crowd made it difficult for our offense to communicate and make their usual changes at the line. seattle dominated us in the trenches. Yet again WR could not get open. Luckily it's only 1 game. Time to put it behind us and move forward.
It's incredible how intimidated the refs are by the noise/atmosphere in Seattle to throw flags with their DBs doing flagrantly illegal contact downfield on a play by play basis.
Greg Cosell had some good points:
Boldin is a WR that needs to be schemed. He no longer can be put on the outside against a good CB and do well
Fangio would like the 49ers to use only 12 players on defense again. But with offenses speeding up the tempo, he may need to substitute more.
First time he's seen the offensive line get man handled the way they did last night.
I just thought Kaepernick just got intimidated from the pregame hype and the LOUD Seattle crowd during the game. I believe he's played enough games to show us he's the real deal. He'll bounce back next week.
Originally posted by FunkNinerFlex:
Greg Cosell had some good points:
Boldin is a WR that needs to be schemed. He no longer can be put on the outside against a good CB and do well
Fangio would like the 49ers to use only 12 players on defense again. But with offenses speeding up the tempo, he may need to substitute more.
First time he's seen the offensive line get man handled the way they did last night.

He's right on all three points.
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Last year they killed us at home and we only went on the Super Bowl. I do feel like
Seattle has figured out our offense it seems like they have the perfect defense called every play.
Maybe we telegraph our plays maybe they have our playbook or maybe they bug the booth. But I have never watched a game
where a defense seemed to know where the ball was gonna be and this is twice in a row I felt this way playing them. Maybe they have the best defense in the league. Next time we play Crabs and Manningham could be playing and Lattimore is off the NFI list. If you look at the next 14 games the toughest games are colts and texans hawks again.
Originally posted by 5280High:
We will be fine, the fans that take this loss too seriously need to man the f*ck up and realize its football.

Great job as always, not worried about the loss at all, the Seahawks are the only team that matches up well with us at home, I wanna see them do it to us on our own field then Ill believe this is something to worry about.

Ill say it again, if YOU HAVE PLAYED any football in your lifetime you would realize the huge hurdle the niners faced in not being able to hear the QB at the line. The chicken littles that think the season is over havent played sh*t and it shows.
Agreed, anyone saying the season is over is being a chicken little. But it was 2 return TDs by Ginn in 2011 and about 7 dropped passes in 2012 were pretty much all that stood in the way of Seattle beating the 49ers in SF the last two times. That's not saying the 49ers wouldn't have found other ways to win those games, but it would be crazy to think the Niners only have issues with them when playing up in Seattle.

The noise in Seattle is not something new...if you recall they were just there in December, you know, when they also got steamrolled. Yes noise plays a part, but in no way is it the primary reason they got their a**es handed to them by the same team in the span of 4 reg-season games. It could have something to do with multiple pre-snap shifts that chew up play clock in an environment where maybe you want to reduce the margin for error, a stubborn insistence to keep running the Pistol/RO, the defense having trouble defending the RO, and boneheaded/back-breaking penalties.
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The game plans need to incorporate more run schemes that has made the team successful. They have gotten away from that with Kap's success. Get back to their roots.

Originally posted by truekingcarlos:
Teams have Kapow figured out. That's the only thing we should take away from this game. It only takes a defense slightly better than GB's to beat us. The real eye opener wasn't the game against Seattle, I knew they had the better QB/team overall, it was the shoot out against GB at home. GB's porous 2ndary hid Kap's deficiencies, it made him look better than he is. We won because of a slightly better 2ndary than GB's, despite having a one dimensional offense, and a QB not quite ready for primetime. If we were anywhere near as good as Seattle, or had a QB with the vision that Russell has, we would have blown GB away.

Kapow performs terribly against good defenses. We in trouble. Nobody here believes it, but we are in serious trouble.

...Seriously? Kap has one off game against an elite defense early in the season and now we're in serious trouble? Overreaction much? Kap played poorly, as did the rest of the offense being led by an even more atrocious game plan by the coaches. A lot of people seem to forget Kap only has 12 starts under his belt; he's still inexperienced and has a lot to learn. He's not perfect, he'll make some rookie mistakes. But if you're going to let this one game early on in the season impact your judgement on what he can be capable of, the fool is you. Even the great elite QBs have awful games. s**t happens. Move on.

And I highly doubt you watched the game in the first place because if you did, you'd know RW didn't look all that better than Kap last night in the first place
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It seems like this team just has it bad there, but every other f**king team does too, I haven't seen a team score more than 20 points there in a long, long time.

You guys gotta remember that the crowd was gunning for that record, and they knew they'd be inspired enough to do it yesterday cause of us. -I doubt this crap happens again, and doubt we play there in January.
We lost the Super Bowl last night
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Originally posted by iLL49er:
sorry marvin but the game plan was poor.

seattle's strength in that environment is their pass rush due to the noise and they already have a great secondary

so, instead of lining up i-formation and going traditional and pounding it w/ gore and allowing our o-line to be the aggressors, we instead had them going backwards in pass protection w/ that noise and the seattle pass rush fed off that, and it doesn't help that our wr's are no match for their secondary

it was a horrible game plan

I agree with this statement...very poor game plan!! What was worse was the adjustments or lack of.I think the Kaep ,Coaching staff and the 9ers over all will bounce back strong. !!!!!
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It's ridiculously hard to execute on offence if you can't hear the singal caller. I'd say it gives the D almost a full 2 second advantage over the offence in terms of speed/anticipation of the snap. This was the number 1 factor in the offences lack of spark.. it trickled down to penalties (due to frustration) and spilled over to the defense (fatigue).
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