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Back to BASIC...


also means, get Mangini out of the team... just how exatcly is he helping us?? he couldn't even help his own self build a team in Cleveland.. so what the heck is he doing here???

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Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
harbaugh would make a great frankenstein lol

Originally posted by 9moon:
It's as simple as that... we CAN NOT compete w/ Seattle if Harbaugh continues to make this game a personal each time he faces Carroll.. This is the 1st time I saw our team since he took over not to have a freakin game plan.

It looks to me that he wanted Kap to be a one man show.. a Jordan like star.. We had so much opportunity in the 1st half that we shoulda been leading by 10 or so.. too many cute calls, and our OL was not used to its full capability..

What we need to do now is to get back to basic.. Starting by goin back a pro set offense, pound Gore over and over, give Hunter or his back up some time.. run some bootleg instead of running that PISTOL formation full time..

Out secondary look so stiff, that I swear, it seems like we were using 4 Strong Safeties out there..

But this lost is actually good, had we beaten the Seahawks by 10 or so, we woulda been feelin invincible for the rest of the year... This actually should leave a bad taste in our mouth..

Keep us hungry..

So agree with this, when struggling, reestablishing the team is a lot of work-but so worth it. Sometimes taking the system apart and putting back together is a good thing, the coaching staff can really focus on what is going on with team, a true challenge, but what if they succeed? If I was the coaching staff and succeeding in putting everything back together, I would get such a mental high. Nothing wrong with taking a sock to get back down to reality, just hope the coaching staff feels the same.
Originally posted by 9moon:
Bottom line is, our PISTOL offense doest not, and will not work AGAINST Seattle

there it is again

pistol is a formation

our shotgun offense doesnt work
goal line offense doesnt work
I formation offense doesnt work

do you see how ridiculous that sounds
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