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Your Concerns And Issues Discussion And Poll

Your Concerns And Issues Discussion And Poll

Definitely the coaching. Our offensive play calling was as creative as Jimmy Raye's offense tonight.

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Two things-
The predictable running on seemingly EVERY first down for little or negative yardage put the team in a constant uphill battle. Getting into 2nd or 3rd and long killed any chances of sustaining drives. It seemed like Roman got stubborn with it and refused to change up.
IMO there are still "tells" in the offense, either by personnel groups or formations, that allow Seattle to have a pretty good idea of what's coming.
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If this counted as more than 1 loss I'd be worried. It's a long season, we will get several shots at them. The refs should wise up with the cheap stuff and we shouldn't be suckered into retaliating after the play is dead. This type of play is Pete 101.
It's safe to say when things aren't going right this team falls apart for some reason they cant adjust and just crumble like a deck of cards. Tonight things were going ok at the start but then when things started going seattles way they crumbled in every phase of the game. Seattle is in there head now and i don't see them beating them at home either or especially in the playoffs.
Coaching - they have to keep it simple for CK. If they keep him from thinking and just use his gun it would be better.
No touch passes... just let it rip. Use his assets wisely.
Originally posted by SanFranAddic:
You need an "all of the above" category. They were all bad tonight.

Guys, we knew this was gonna be a tough game, we know they play out of their minds at home with that crowd, we knew going in this could very well be a loss.

So it was. So we played like s**t.

That happens to even the best team. We all saw just a week ago how GOOD this team can be. The only thing to do is move on, get ready for the next game, and never lose that chip on your shoulder. Let's focus on playing the best football we can next week and just keep moving forward
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They laid an egg. Nothing more, nothing less.
On offense- Our rushing attack. We're way too one dimensional right now.

On Defense- Nnamdi. Good lord his tackling is awful and coverage is nothing to brag about so far.
My concern is offensive playcalling. I fear our coaches don't have an answer, or are unwilling to change the offense, for teams that boast a strong secondary. They crowd the LOS with 8 in the box and strong secondaries can keep 2 WR and 1 TE in check. We need more spread concepts against these teams.

I voted coaching staff, and here's why.

At some point Harbaugh is going to have to make a Walsh style decision on Roman (unless another team approaches him for a HC job but I think that flash has gone down the pan), as well as taking a long hard look at himself and Fangio.

They seem to have got into a mindset of "We're just going to do what we always do, try and stop us!!" and unfortunately the other teams in the league are looking at us and going "Actually if we stop the run by 8 men in the box, you don't have the receiving core to do anything and you're not scheming them open so ok.". I wonder if Roman has a touch of Asperger's or something, (I don't mean that offensively), because he seems to fixate on a particular way of playing or scheme and then refuse to change it. Seattle have obviously adapted to our offense and have game planned the last two games knowing exactly what to do to contain us. I think he fixates on a gimmick and then seems unable to change his plan for the game, and it's obvious he has no backup plan. He get's too cute on the pistol or a particular play and then cannot switch away from it, not to mention our red zone offense needs serious work.

Now Fangio to a lesser extent is very set in his ways, the lack of rotation on defense to keep guys fresh is what hurt us this year and although there are some signs he's prepared to rotate (Dorsey switching a series for Justin vs GB) the big thing that strikes me is his unwillingness to switch things up with blitzes - we keep trying for pressure with 4 or 5 but we don't have the secondary to cover when this fails to get pressure. When we come against a good o-line and QB our secondary gets picked apart because we don't try and change things up with blitzes.

Now I also cite Harbaugh in this area, he's also set in his ways of smash mouth football and our constant game plan seems to be to out muscle the opposition with basic schemes. Unfortunately there are smart enough coaches in the league to scheme around this and say "Ok well we won't take you on where you are strong we'll go after your weak areas" and our lack of willingness, or inability, to properly adjust and keep opposing teams guessing is proving to be our undoing. Now we've just played Seattle who are a team we obviously cannot out-muscle but we can out-think. However we just keep running headfirst into the wall thinking that the stone will break before our skull does.

The whole league knows Crabs was our #1 guy and is out injured, and they've obviously recognized that our coaching staff will gone for a known quality in a veteran, even where that guy's weakness is well established in the league, rather than give a rookie with ability and opportunity to play and learn. Why on earth play Williams over Patton?? We're still running with Whitner, Rogers and Goodwin in the team and unfortunately they are not pulling their weight. I'd rather have rookies or year 2 players in those positions and developing than staying with flawed veterans who's abilities are known and schemed for by the opposition.

I find it baffling that we are "building the team through the draft" with Baalke's Jedi draft skills and yet those draft picks are almost never seeing the field in their first year (except Reid who is at a real position of need). You cannot build through the draft unless you play those guys in games to get experience - and although it's only game 2 - I see us doing the same thing we did in the last 2 years where draft picks almost never see the field in their first year. Then you ask them to fill in for a vet in year 2 but they have no playing experience. These decisions will come to haunt us at the end of the season where rookie talent would have had a chance to learn and gain experience and thus be contributing.

Harbaugh needs to think what Walsh would do in this situation and adjust the game planning and coaching mentality to be more flexible. There's an old proverb that the oak tree doesn't bow to the storm until it breaks but the willow bends and survives.... The coaches are going to have to acknowledge their short comings, those of some of the players, and adjust to compensate.
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Originally posted by LB49ers:
This is embarrassing because this is the exact same game plan they used on us last year and we have yet to figure it out. Not only were we out coached but were pushed around physically. Why didn't we get back to what we did better than anyone else the past two years and get under center and run the ball down their throat and get out of the pistol /spread.

Yes, it was embarrassing. But, we couldn't run against them in any case. They shut everything down. The only chance we had was to have Kap run which he didn't in the first half. If Kap had establish his runs by design and scrambles earlier on we might have been more successful with Frank in running up their gut.
f**k you Mr. Harbaugh!!
Sorry guys. this game has made me really mad. How do u get spanked at Seattle last year and not prepare this time around??? This is totally on the coaching staff for not game planning a better offensive scheme.

Even Carolina put up a better showing against the seahawks!!!
Face it.... they are a better team right now. I see them winning the division.

The seahawks dominated us in the trenches (our O Line got pushed around). and our WR couldn't do s**t. If anything our DLine has regressed, now with the injury to Ian Williams. Should of kept both Soap and Ian, and have them rotate.

Face it guys, we are not that great of a team. We'll be a wild card team this year. I can see us splitting with both the Rams and maybe go 0-2 versus the seacocks. Then we gotta play the Texans, Saints, Atlanta, etc.

I see us going 9-7 or 10-6 this year at best.
Kaep is good, but football is a team sport.
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Originally posted by SanFranAddic:
You need an "all of the above" category. They were all bad tonight.
I will vote for all of the above also.
Originally posted by jimmythegreekjr:
And who the hell made Bruce Miller the focus of our offense??

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