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Dump Nolan / Dump Sing --- Do you remember the Money Generation Days -- How about Sunday

Back then, Zoners volunteered money to fly a plane over the Stick --- "Dump Nolan" or "Dump Sing" -- The Dump Nolan sign actually happened

How about a Paypal drive to fly a plane over the Seattle stadium that says "Seadderall" or "12th Roid"

I'll do some paypal bucks for that just to cram it down that weasel Pete the Cheat on NATIONAL TV
ive got better things to do with my money than pay for a sign that wont get any kind of air time on tv
How much would we need to raise?
maybe over SF but not in SEA.....
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I liked my idea better of crop dusting CLink with some laryngitis virus the home game before the Seahawks host the Niners, that way the 12th man can STFU
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