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Time for Kyle Williams to STEP UP?

The problem I have with Williams is that he plays scared. He's tentative out there and doesn't have the swagger of a big play guy. Prime example of this was his 16 yard reception toward the end of the 3rd quarter in week 1. He was split out left with a slot receiver to his right. When the two routes crossed and both Packers went with the slot receiver, Williams was wide open with only the FS 12 yards further down field between him and the endzone and Williams may have had the angle to just outrun him. The pass was perfectly thrown for him to catch it in stride, but what did he do? He caught it falling down and was touched down there for 0 YAC. (And no, he didn't trip, he just went down to secure the ball and avoid the hit that wasn't coming. Had he kept his feet, he easily had at least another 15-20 yards if not a TD.

In contrast, and yes, I know it was preseason, but Patton just seems to have this will to make the big play. I know he's young, but I'd really like to see him surpass Williams on the depth chart and get some opportunities.
This question should only be asked after 3-4 games. If the other receivers get locked down & he's still only getting 3 passes, then it's an issue.
If VD & AB are still combining for 300+ yards...
Looks like he's stepping out before he steps up
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