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Time for Kyle Williams to STEP UP?

Play Patton, he's too quick to be sitting on the bench. 49ers need to jump out to a lead to make the Squaks one dimensional. KW is a decent #3 but hes not a #2
3-36? Disappointing
The real question is CAN Williams step up? Have we seen everything he has to offer already, or is he able to take it to another level? Honestly I think Patton is going to be a much better receiver than Williams, but that won't happen until he gets some playing time.
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kyle can rise to the occasion, but that will be #3 or #4 wr status, because that is what he is.

vd needs to be getting the #2 looks. and patton needs to be on the fast track.

I'm sorry, but there's a reason Patton only played one snap last game. He isn't ready.
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In case you have't noticed, you soon will... people in here still let what happened 2 years ago cloud their judgement of him. Save your energy and ignore those people.

Let the dude do something, then we'll get on his bandwagon. As of right now his career is defined by those fumbles.

He's done more than any other receiver in our corps outside of Boldin. I like Patton more and he'll be better one day, but right now KW is the second-most experienced WR on our team.

Too bad that experience doesn't translate into talent on the field. I was hoping this would be the year he'd get cut, would rather have Hawkins or Jacobs.

Oh Jacobs and Hawkins showed so much playing against third stringers and players who got cut. The fact is experience is the only thing we can go on at the moment since Moore hasn't shown us ANYTHING yet and Patton has made a few nice plays in a couple preseason games.

There's a reason why KW is getting snaps now and it's because of his familiarity with the offense and his rapport with Kap. Maybe (and I hope) Patton takes over at one point and KW moves to the slot, but we're stuck with what we have at the moment.

The "third-stringer" retort. The fact is they can't choose when they're put in games, and they made plays when they were in. Some of the plays they made had a "degree of difficulty" to them that makes what "string" the defenders were a moot point. Williams is in his 4th season and imo still hasn't shown that there's anyting special about him.
I was giddy over Williams catching that gorgeous deep bomb in that footage taken early in camp. I'm not crazy about what I've seen on returns so far but, after reviewing his big potential plays from Week, I think it's safe to assume he's a bona fide deep receiver. Kaepernick slightly under threw him and I can't blame him. If I saw Matthews gunning for me like that my pants would be shat.
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Let me get this right. The guy has a very serious knee injury, misses the entire pre-season, plays one game where the only thing he does wrong as a reciever that I'm aware of is that he got overthrown once and didn't come away with the ball when he got underthrown on another long pass and he's a complete failure because he didn't dominate the Packers game?

He's really the team's #4 wide receiver. Do other teams have #4's who are routinely catching 5 passes a game for 100 yards and a score?

I think he must have pictures of Harbaugh and Baalke is the only reason I can think of why this guy is our #2.

Or perhaps:
1) Crabtree - hurt
2) Boldin
3) Manningham - hurt
4) Williams

Turns into:
1) Boldin
2) Williams
3) Patton
4) Moore

Injuries are probably a better reason than blackmail.
kyle and kap have to get on the same page. kyle isnt the best but hes fast enough to catch deep balls. kaep missed him on a couple last week
change thread title to: Time for Kyle Williams to GTFO !!!
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change thread title to: Time for Kyle Williams to GTFO !!!
dafuq? he's the only sure handed PR we have. LMJ panics as the ball is coming down.

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change thread title to: Time for Kyle Williams to GTFO !!!
dafuq? he's the only sure handed PR we have. LMJ panics as the ball is coming down.

sure handed my ass, he gives me a heart attack every time he's back there.
Time for Kyle Williams to step down.
To be honest, the only thing i can remember this guy ever doing is fumble 2x in the NFCC game. I know he's had catches but meh, its time for him to show up or ship out
if Kap doesn't underthrow him on that deep pass, he goes in untouched. U all would be sucking his cock right now.
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dumbest thread ever.

I've seen dumber, but this is up there
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