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How did Ian Williams and Dorsey Do vs Pack?

Originally posted by 9erred:
People in the zone seem to still believe a 3-4 defense plays a NT the majority of the time. The 3-4 is the BASE defense, which means it is the defense they draft for. The advantage of the 3-4 is the 3-4 DE's can become tackles on nickel and dime package downs. Essentially Ray McDonald and Justin Smith are 4-3 DT's with Brooks and Aldon rushing.

Tank Carradine will be a big upgrade when he is healthy. The niners will not put a premium on NT. They plan to run up scores, if this is the case other teams will need to pass to keep up, keeping the NT to 20 or less snaps per game.

This is the way I feel. It's a cost/benefit thing. Unless your drafting Raji, Ngata, or Star Lotoulolei then there's really no point reaching into the early rounds to fill a position that can be filled with an UDFA(Williams). I don't think it's a black and white issue though. I'm not saying I would never draft a NT in the first 3 rounds. In fact if the right NT came around at a good position,and after we have handled the secondary, I would be fine with a NT in the 1st 3 rounds. I think your assuming that a NT has to come out in the nickel. The NT position is filled by a person. If said person can also create pressure then I see no reason why that person can't rotate at DT in the nickel. Also in the 4-2 both DTs usually are not rushing. It's usually the responsiblity of one to rush and the other to clog the middle to contain the QB. This is a role that can be filled by a NT. Williams actually did this in the Packers game a couple of snaps but he was pushed off. Dorsey did it too and he did a great job of controlling the middle while Mcdonald rushed. My point is just because we draft a NT doesn't mean we're getting a player that is only useful 40% of the time.

I'm also looking forward to Carradine joining the team. I think he could be very useful in pass rushing situations. I can't tell whether or not we had problems creating pressure on Sunday or if the Packers just got away with at least 5 holds. I questioned everything I know about holding after this game. Regardless an extra pass rusher will do the defense a lot of good. Believe me. That's what were getting with Carradine. A bull.
Originally posted by brodiebluebanaszak:
Ok. So you are saying that of 35 "pass rush" situations, some were zone coverage responsibilities, and some were "blitzes" i.e. actual pass rush situations from the LB position. Yes?

I was wrong. Just looked it up and the 35 pass rush situations mean he was actually rushing the passer 35 times, and only 3 times dropped into coverage at all.
Originally posted by Disp:
I was wrong. Just looked it up and the 35 pass rush situations mean he was actually rushing the passer 35 times, and only 3 times dropped into coverage at all.

I'm pretty sure he got a negative grade in pass coverage because he gave up a 1st down to Cobb.
dorsey is a scrub
Originally posted by Disp:
I was wrong. Just looked it up and the 35 pass rush situations mean he was actually rushing the passer 35 times, and only 3 times dropped into coverage at all.

Ok thanks. I'm surprised. I'll watch the game again.
Here's what they put together for pass defense stats.

Edit: Bleh it scrunched up when I attached.

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not much


AARON Discount Double checkdown threw the ball before 4 seconds every damn snap.

Slant, checkdown, comeback, dumpoff, checkdown repeat 300 yards, Aikman on his nuts .

Originally posted by Kolohe:
Originally posted by Disp:
I honestly don't even remember Williams being in there, but PFF graded him as our worst player despite only 10 snaps.

This is why I don't pay attention to PFF, Ahmad Brooks overall is worse than Ian Williams!! WTF

Nnamdi Asomugha overall is 1.3 and 1.7 in pass-coverage...again WTF, even though Asomugha gave up a couple passes I thought he was fairly decent vs. GB.

Those numbers never tell the full story of a player, that site is garbage.

They lost me years ago when they said Julian Peterson was the best pass rusher in the league.
Originally posted by fryet:
What I read was that Ian started slow and then did well. Dorsey did not have a good game.

Yep. Dorsey seem not ready cuz he is not strong enough! He need training his develop for beasts. Hope, Dorsey need learning from J.Smith was playing a beasts.
I love you Buzz
Originally posted by SFL49ER:
I love you Buzz

Hey.. Bad news.. My family and me are going out allday that I will missed watch the 49ers vs Seattle By Twm night. Can u help me if you can record tv on 49ers vs Seattle for whole games then put on youtube please? Thank you bro!
Originally posted by pdizo916:
dorsey is a scrub

Preseason Dorsey was a scrub. Against GB, he actually did pretty well.
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I saw them getting penetration. They were bustin that pack low and high man! They clogged both holes and allowed Pat and Bow to finish them off.
This was one area I meant to keep an eye on but I totally forgot...I did catch a few plays where Williams strength really surprised the o line and if it weren't for them practically ripping his face ask off and holding he would have gotten through. Nut shell: I barely paid attention to him but he caught my attention on a few plays.
Both of these guys got man-handled. I've watch the game three times now and we could be in trouble in Seattle if they run it up the middle.