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Will they finally activate Baldwin? Why the f**k not?

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Originally posted by smithgdwg:
I guess that shows you guys are not as good as you think.

Dont worry their midget offense will be the next debacle.
Originally posted by crabman82:
i also gotta say i'm really disaapointed with harbaughs caveman style of football. when we were down 12-0 in seattle and he went for the fg instead of the td, i could pass it off as the crowd noise and such. but at home around the 50 and punting on 4th and 4 or 5 when its clear your D aint doing s**t. i KNEW luck and co were gonna chew clock and make up that field position you gained by punting. how did you not know? makes me sick

But the offense wasn't doing sh*t either. At that point, the defense was playing a little better which still wasn't enough.
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Will they finally activate Baldwin? Why the f**k not?

Baldwin could have been a mismatch.....but now we'll never know.
giants did horrible during the season and won the superbowl 2 year ago, why is everyone panicking?
Originally posted by Sf49ers303:
Well at least the pack and falcons and giants joined us

Imagine the meltdown on this board if the Packers didn't have their horrible D.
Originally posted by LionHeartofGold:
Alex is on a very different team; he isn't carrying the team and is still passing for mediocre yards. I would never want to go back to SMITH football. I think Kaep will do better than Smith overall and if you gave Smith 7 years then you ought to be as patient with Kap.

OK. now just for the sake of the argument. Mediocre yards, fine, in the end the only stat that counts is the W.
Kaep's yards in the last two aren't mediocre they are Gabberish ( that's even worse than horrible).

Now to get back ON topic.
First: Roman needs to get his head out his lower back. The abandoning of the run issue is nothing new, but it gets us more and more in trouble.

Kaep, needs to learn to make decisions quicker, not to force the ball! No QB became great for forcing the ball, take what the defence gives you, it does not help to look deep and then end up in a bunch of 3&outs. DO NOT TURN THE BALL OVER! in two games he has committed 6! Turnovers!

Harbaugh: See under Roman, he has to decide on an identity. We are build for a power running, ball control offence, we were masters of it, now we here and there show it and then for some reason go back to the deep incomplete ball offence.
He needs to work with Kaep on his throws, many of them are still to hard and have a too flat trajectory.
He has to impose discipline, the Colts were awarded 5 First downs on penalties after being stopped!
All in all far to many Penalties.
Clock management two T.O. by the defence in the third quarter? What's next? A time out after calling a time out=?Or a time out before and after the two minute warning ( oh yeh impossible by that time we do not have any more time outs)

Fangio, where's our feared Run defence? The defence can't get of the filed on third downs, what happened here? we got one sack on a makeshift O line. Pathetic.

The Seahawks and Colts showed that to beat us you have to play physical man coverage double Boldin, because our OC is dumb enough to use our strenghhs and that is RUN THE BALL!
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Originally posted by Strwy2Hevn:
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Tim Tebow... theres the answer! If we want to suck, might as well suck in style.


We need him on the sideline (at least) so he can pray for us
I have the same feeling that I had circa December 2010. Oh well we weren't the absolute worst today I guess. That award goes to the NYG.
What a terrible loss today, we suck. I want to jump in a car with Aldon Smith, I'm so mad right now.

Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Will they finally activate Baldwin? Why the f**k not?

No because that would mean something new which this coaching staff is directly opposed.
Originally posted by btthepunk:
Yeah because the 0-5 start under Singletary was so much better than this.

I am trying to think...give me two games in that 0-5 start that were worse than the last two weeks we all have witnessed.

Please...I will wait...
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Originally posted by thecycl:
What a terrible loss today, we suck. I want to jump in a car with Aldon Smith, I'm so mad right now.

Go ahead.
Maybe I'm must sour right now.....but Kaeps press conference just annoys me. Does he always have headphones at his press conferences, that match is fit? Is he more concerned about his image now?
Kaep needs to look at other receivers too, they're open and he still throws to Boldin in tight coverage. We need to stick with the run, it was working and had no reason to go away from it. Smdh at Harbaugh/Roman, this is ridiculously stupid.
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