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Does Boldin's great performance overshadow a bigger problem at the receiver position?

Patton is the answer. They just have to play him.
I think Kyle Williams played solid and he could've made that catch down the sideline as he had his guy beat, but Kaep did underthrow him and the CB was able to recover because of that and make a play on the ball. Once Vance McDonald starts to feel more comfortable, he can contribute more as I think he was targeted twice with one catch for a first down and a drop. Bruce Miller had a couple good catches and Boldin was just on Fire along with Davis and Davis did have one drop on a pass he should've caught, but did make up for it with another catch later. With the Seattle game coming up, I think we'll see someone else step up to take some of the pressure off Boldin and VD, but after that game, the WR core will begin to emerge more. I just think the 49ers went with what was working and whenever they needed someone else to make a play, VD was there, Miller was there and Gore and Hunter came through in the 4th after losing the lead for a moment.
Originally posted by NickV:
The bright side is that Vernon stepped his game up also. Became the #2 in a sense.

But it is concerning a little bit. Kyle should have really been able to come down with that bomb.

That was not Kyle's fault by any means. KW did his part, he burnt shields big time on that play Kap just under threw Williams. It was a very bad pass. Go back and watch you'll see thst should have been a walk in TD
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Patton is the answer. They just have to play him.

I agree that Patton should be #2 and Williams play the slot in the mold of Wes Welker because of the size, Patton is 6'0 ft. and Williams is 5'10(looks smaller) and being that he's shiftier than Moore, I think elevating Patton is key. Bolden also likes Patton ALOT, that should be cosign enough........GO NINERS.
I'm n ot worried about the other receivers at all. Kaep just has to develop his chemistry with them. No different than with Vernon Davis towards the end of last season. Hopefully it won't take as long for Kyle because he (or any other receiver for that matter) should have some favorable looks. I'm expecting Davis, McDonald, and the backs to carry the load next week however. I really hope Kaep can hit Kyle deep a couple of times. Doing that on Seattle's secondary will really put defenses in a quandary of having to cover the TEs, stop the running game, Boldin, and the deep threat of Kyle Williams.
Originally posted by NickV:
The bright side is that Vernon stepped his game up also. Became the #2 in a sense.

But it is concerning a little bit. Kyle should have really been able to come down with that bomb.

You can argue that the pass was under thrown. Shield had time to catch up and deflect the ball with his arm. Otherwise that would have been a TD for Williams
Seattle is gonna see tape of Boldin so they are going to try and take him away. Boldin will have some catches and maybe a TD but won't have a monster game he did against GB. What Boldin excels at is the one-on-one matchups which he'll probably get alot of in Seattle.

As for the rest of the WR's, time will tell. In the meantime, we have Davis and Mcdonald.
Williams didn't play bad. He beat his man a few times and one Kap overthrew and the other the cb made a play. We'll revisit in a few weeks.
i think in time another WR is emerge, not concerned one bit.
Originally posted by xela510:
Not sure why we didnt see Patton. He'll be a reliable throughout the season.

My guess is that our coaching staff is trying to save him for Seattle. I know how crazy that sounds, but if we gameplan without him, and come out and hit him it'll surprise the Hawks

I'm more concerned about the lack of a running game than I am about receivers... If others take out Boldin someone else will stand up. We've never had multiple good receivers in the Harbaugh era, that's never stopped us.
f**k no!!! it's only week one. williams made some grabs. yes davis short armed one or two but made up for it. more reps these guys will be fine
Nope, once he starts getting a consistent double team, look for some one like Patton to emerge as a threat. I think Williams should be worried when Mario and Crabs come back.
Originally posted by Ballistic:
I keep waiting for KW to emerge as a Welker/Amendola type dude, but whatever. Boldin's numbers today were just absurd. Keep it goin I guess? woo lol

I see Patton in that role as he gets open and tends to be able to take the ball, even when covered. Williams seems to need the ball right in the sweet spot. Don't recall Williams making a really tough catch in any game so far. My hope is that Patton becomes the #2 guy and sends Williams to #3. Then Baldwin can send him to...

Still have some hope for Williams and believe he would have had a TD if the ball hadn't been under thrown, but he did not adjust to the ball so only he could reach it...slow down and take it in front of him...not run fast and then stop. Some receivers have that gift, others don't. Boldin was the king of technique yesterday...perhaps he can help all the WRs going forward.
The unequal distribution would only be a huge concern if it looked like Kaep was forcing passes to Boldin / Davis; I didn't get that impression. Generally speaking, he was open (although there was a pass or two where I felt like he forced it to Boldin over the middle, despite being covered by two guys). Why would you pass to your third or fourth reads when the first two are already open?!
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