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Impressions after today's game

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Originally posted by Schulzy:
The Niners are the Kings of the 5 yard penalty. It was annoying problem that seemingly hasn't gotten corrected since last year. It's inexcusable stuff.

that and not getting plays called in on time are my only two concerns at this early point in time
Originally posted by Rsrkshn:
Originally posted by real9erfan:
I don't know about point #4. Yes, there's definitely room for improvement; this is, after all, only his 11th start. But on a day where he shredded the opposing defense and continually led clutch drives down the field, gaining 494 yards of total offense, I would not consider this a serious concern. This looks like an elite offense. I definitely didn't like that we were still taking so long to get the ball snapped, but part of that is getting the plays to Kap faster. Kap overall played a phenomenal game and showed why defenses are going to have a very tough time stopping this offense.

I hope that you're right.

But I stand by what I said. He has off-the-charts physical skills, but he's too herky-jerky calling plays at this point. And certainly not clock aware.

Also "phenominal" is too rich a characterization. The Niners scored . . . punted . . . scored . . . punted . . . scored . . . well, you get the idea. They had a lot of breaks go their way and had excellent field position, yet they allowed the Packers to stay in the game instead of putting them away. They just couldn't establish a rythmn. "Phenominal" would have been squashing the Pack when they were down.

Kap is still growing. he hasn't developed a "smooth" style yet. He's not at, say, Luck's level in that regard, for example. And I pick Luck because I consider both to be 2nd year QBs. Luck has started more games, but Kap has spent an extra year observing.

I can't lie. I'm worried about next week, because the crowd factor will make getting plays sorted out even more difficult. If Kap comes through this test playing well and victorious, I'll feel a lot better about the SB prospects.

What is "herky jerky"? Kap calls plays just fine, and does a good job recognizing defenses and adjusting. While of course he has great physical skills, he also is obviously pretty good at the mental aspect of the game (i.e. recognizing defenses, knowing where his players are, going through his progressions, etc.). Otherwise, there is no way he could succeed at the position; he would be another Vince Young or even Cam Newton. I don't think Luck is any better at this than Kaepernick is; at least I haven't seen any evidence of it. I do agree about the clock awareness and that this HAS to get better, especially in a place like Seattle. But when I say his play was "phenomenal" I'm talking about his ability to make tight window throws, attack down field, clutch plays, etc. No offense is going to score on every drive, but Kap was able to lead the offense to a score everytime they needed it. And he was able to stay calm and make the clutch throws 3rd down and 4th down to keep drives alive and put the game away. He wasn't perfect, but it is rare that a QB is perfect in any game.
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i think the root of the play calling issues can not be directed at ck. i think i know where that paper trail leads to
Great game with two dynamic QBs on display. My takeaway from watching both Rodgers and Kaep is that Rodgers is more accurate with his passes. That is to expected, since Rodgers has 6 years of experience, while Kaep has less than a full year.

Kaep overthrew and under threw Williams on two long balls. Both would have been scores. Williams makes a rolling catch on a low thrown Kaep pass over the middle, gets up and runs for more, but the role allows the Packer secondary to converge. In the 3rd Q, Kaep hit Bolden with a high pass a little behind him causing Bolden to do a 180° to make the catch and head down the left sideline for 30 yds. If he hits him in stride, Bolden might have scored.

In contrast, Rodgers is scrambling left when he makes the pinpoint accurate throw to Nelson 30 yds downfield near the sidelines. Our coverage is good on Nelson, so Rodgers puts that ball in the one place that only Nelson can make the catch, chest high and out of bounds. Lovely catch.

For a "rookie", with less than a full season of starts, Kaep put up 400 yds of passing offense. That's scary good. And as the Packer fan points out earlier in this thread, he hasn't seen such a strong arm since he watched Favre in his prime. Kaep will get even better with experience.
Originally posted by jreff22:
I want to know why we keep faking handoffs on the wrong side.

Those are designed that way. The idea is to cause a bit of confusion for the D Linemen and slow them down a bit. You may not think it works, but they obviously see something, which is why they keep doing it. And I haven't seen it hurt them.
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