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NFL says Staley shoudn't have had penalty. Shouldve been first and goal at the 3.

Glad they agreed with us. I wrote exactly that prior to this coming out.
Originally posted by 99problems:
They will find another excuse lol

Like Kap is too good
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Originally posted by Disp:
I think everyone who actually watched the game knew this already. Matthews should have got 2 flags and been thrown out.

...and should've been penalized for taunting in CK's face after he blew up a option handoff later in the game

I said right after all that s**t happened that it was actually good for our team, got them all fired up.
McCarthy is an idiot for accepting the other penalty in the first place. I can't believe he gave us another chance. lol
Originally posted by susweel:
McCarthy is an idiot for accepting the other penalty in the first place. I can't believe he gave us another chance. lol

And this is what started the whole mess. Not sure what he was thinking.
Packer fans are classless and the biggest bunch of crybabies on the planet.

Look at Buck and Aikman, Packers homers who cried constantly that last year the Packers were robbed in Seattle on the "Fail Mary". In yesterday's game THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED with Reid intercepting the ball and then the WR coming over the top and getting some hands on the ball after the INT already occurred.... both of them were calling for a simultaneous catch and a TD for GB. So, you know what? Packer fans can go efff themselves and yesterday proved that they are crybaby beaches who think it's great and funny when incorrect calls are made that help them out but then cry endlessly when a bad call hurts them.
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Originally posted by susweel:
McCarthy is an idiot for accepting the other penalty in the first place. I can't believe he gave us another chance. lol

This is exactly right. McCarthy was dumb for not declining the penalty the play before and forcing the niners to kick a field goal. They just gave Colin another shot at the house. Would've been a chip shot either way. What's he thinking, they're gonna get a pick six or something. That was just stupid coaching by GB. LOL.
Originally posted by Happs:
Lots of GB fans are saying they got screwed because the refs mishandled the offsetting penalties replaying 3rd down instead of making it 4th down, where we likely kick a field goal.

Today the NFL says Staley should not have received penalty so we got screwed in reality. It should've been 1st and goal at the 3.

Doesn't matter, our man Colin just made it easy and threw a TD on the next play!

I was thinking the same thing. I never saw Staley do anything but I haven't gotten to watch the game yet, only highlights.
Refs were horse s**t yesterday. They gave us what? Four unsportsmanlike penalties?
So it would have been 1st and goal and not 3rd or 4th down. But this is a back page story that nobody will get anyway. So they don't know. They all just heard the original story. We beat them 3 times in a row. Obviously we are better.

Interesting that this came out many hours ago, yet the talking heads on ESPN (Inside the NFL, Around the Horn, & PTI) aren't mentioning it, just the part that GB came out on the short end.
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Originally posted by kray28:
LOL we scored anyway...but from the 10, not the three.

Where is Joe Buck now?

Joe Buck can EAD. I hope that douchenozzle never calls another 49ers game again. They should just make him one of the Packers official television announcers.
I was afraid Boldin was going to get called. They always get the retaliation. They were just too busy giving it to Staley instead.
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Good move by the nfl admitting these gafs. Mathews should have been thrown out of the game for sure. Oh well time to move on to next week now.
Matthew could have easily pushed Kaep out of bound and that would be the end of it. But he decided to intimidate and be dirty by unnecessarily launching himself at Kaep, and claiming that he had already left his footing, which is a BS excuse to make a dirty tackle.
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