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Michael Crabtree who?

Get out dude we still need Crabs Boldin is 32 he won't be around much longer. Crabs is a gammer
Originally posted by sacniner:
Besides vd and boldin our issue at wideout was obvious. Now defenses will really key in on boldin. One of these other undersized wideouts gotta come thru. Man, I wish we had crabs... Can you imagine THAT passing game

i agree someone is going to have to step up but it may not even be a could be mcdonald or lmj
i dont think our issues at WR were that noticeable. the younger WRs just need to build up a rapport with kaepernick. there were quite a few times I saw moore and patton wide open but kaep chose boldin or VD. Dont really blame him
i didnt see patton much how many plays was he in?
How long is crab out for?
Bartender cut this person off
eastcoast I also didn't see moore but on one pass, too long. I did see Vance make a catch and he blocked very well. Once patton and moore, and vance get warmed up, look out. Crbs returning will be great I hope. I still don't know what's under his hood. Maybe completely healed and he is faster, shiftier than he was before. Whatever, between Anquan, Vernon, kyle, moore, patton, vance, and crbs depending how he does, this is going to be one helluva passing team with Kap throwing darts....with smoke behind them.
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shut up.

I love Boldin already..but Crabtree is the #1 WR on this team he's not...he had a horrific injury for a WR. He'll have to prove that he's back up to par. This is the NFL. Not fair, but neither is life.

Dumbest thread, with Crabtree this offense is even more lethal. Can't wait until he comes back along with manningham, those 2 will take our offense to another level
Does this set him back at the negotiating table? If we can prove the offense hums along well enough without him, maybe we can get him to stay for less money
Well, I think its clear we'll be ok without Crab. But once he comes back....I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it.
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Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
dadiva will palo you o yur pekpek

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*looks into the future*

Crabs miraculously recovers before projected time... feeling left out and anxious to get his spot back as #1 receiver
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