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Michael Crabtree who?

208 yds, 13 passes. Last time that happened had to have been Jerry Rice...I'm guessing 17-20 yrs ago. Somebody let me know. All that "stuff" about how our WRs are going to fall off this yr? Did they really look at Anquan Boldin in the SB, playing for a team that didn't pass that much. Then Vernon, came thru like a champ, kyle catching passes that we had to have...

But in the end, when we absolutely, postitively had to have it, it was Anquan...and Kap , not a bad day himself at 412 yrds, put it on the money. GB came in and stopped our run game. In second half, mercifully, Roman started calling passes. But still and all, the Anquan show will be remembered yrs from now. You do have to wonder if he can do this game in , game out. Whatever, Anquan, you are the greatest, and thank you for becoming a 49er....the only Raven not to go to the White HOuse an meet the president. Why? He wanted to stay here and work with his team. Now, where do I get a #81 jersey?

Crbs who?
Oh don't pretend we still don't love Crabs

Hope he gets well soon, still want him back
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i still think we need crabtree. im excited for the win but lets be real, green bay secondary is not that great. Btw boldin made it happen today.
uh, we still need crabs dude. gtfo
Originally posted by Jcool:

right on point!
Enough beer for you tonight.
dadiva will palo you o yur pekpek
trade crabs for a 7th rounder
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shut up.

I love Boldin already..but Crabtree is the #1 WR on this team

Originally posted by ChazBoner:
uh, we still need crabs dude. gtfo

this sums it up
Originally posted by susweel:
trade crabs for a 7th rounder

2015 7th rounder
Against better defenses, we're going to need Crabtree. Especially since Boldin is 32, we can't afford to wear the old guy down
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Long season - excellent start for Kap to Boldin combo.

If Kap had a little more on the pass to KW he might have had closer to 500 yards.
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