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The play calling and scheme

This is the worst offensive play calling and general scheme I have ever seen from the 49ers.

We line up, wave our arms around, shift around, run around back and forth, run back, run forward, audible, more dialogue, more shifting. Then finally, if we're lucky, we get the play off in time, only to be stuffed for a three yard loss.

All of this pre-snap activity, sets us up in third and long, where FINALLY, we just line up and run a normal play with normal formations and normal patterns. So what happens? The line blocks perfectly and Kap throws the ball perfectly and we get a first down on the efforts of our players.

Somehow, I feel as if the stench of Mangina underlies some of this.

If we can just line the f**k up, and run a f**king normal play, this offense can be SO powerful.
[ Edited by BrianGO on Sep 8, 2013 at 3:27 PM ]
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