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Who is the leader of this team?

Who is the leader of this team?

Originally posted by Hopper:
Not really close, Willis.


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Most respected? Justin Smith and Frank Gore (doubt many, if any, players give them lip).

Spokespersons? Whitner, Willis, VD and Staley

Most inspirational by play? Kaepernick, Gore, Justin and Willis...maybe Aldon. (these guys always make me proud to be a niner fan).

These are the guys I think about most often when watching a game. Love others as well but these guys are top tier. Hope Boldin will be there this year.
You forgot Colt McCoy. He'll be the one everybody will turn to when Kap goes down.
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Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
Originally posted by LVJay:
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

I want to drink up with that dude, must be a barrel of laughs

Aw hell yeah....THE SUPER MULLET MAN!

We're gonna need him next week, bro
Unhh, maybe Anquan might qualify also?
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
Unhh, maybe Anquan might qualify also?

Keeps playing like that I would put him on the list! Sort of the anti-Moss...un-hip but a gamer!
"If intimidation is your gameplan, I hope you brought a better game plan" THAT is a leader.
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