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Who is the leader of this team?

Who is the leader of this team?

it should be colin but i think its vernon
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Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

I want to drink up with that dude, must be a barrel of laughs
you'd think it would be Kap, but Justin, or Vernon would be right there. What would be interesting if some newcomer hits the afterburners, goes crazy wild, and somehow becomes ONE of the team's leaders...thinking of Patton...but obviously be closer to game 14 or 15. And I do mean ONE of its leaders. Unlike where Brady, Rodgers, Brees , Peyton are the 1 man that leads the team, our D is so dominant, that we have several leaders in Kap and Vernon, plus p-52 and Justin. What I have no idea of is, what they are like in the locker room, or in the huddle. I bet if Justin or p-52/ or Vernon say something in the D or O huddle, everybody listens.

Most likely, if he does what we all think he is capable of, Kap will be the man.
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Willis more often than most.

VD definitely stands up as do others.
whose the leader of the team thats made for you and me...

justin smith....justin smith.....

justin smith...justin smith
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Vernon Davis does everything by the book since singletary straightened him out and hes more vocal and talks to the media more so his visibility is better than some of the others. Patrick Willis is also a great leader even though hes more reserved. the niners have some great character guys in that locker room. Gore is the heart of the team tho, i dont think anyone busts their ass and lives breathes and sleeps football like he does
Vernon Davis is.
I think there are different types of leaders, and this team has plenty. Leaders by example like Justin Smith and Willis, to more vocal leaders like Whitner, Bowman, VD, Gore, and of course Harbaugh. Kaepernick on the other hand is becoming an all around leader, or so it seems.

Uh, Jim Harbaugh?
Originally posted by LVJay:
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

I want to drink up with that dude, must be a barrel of laughs

Aw hell yeah....THE SUPER MULLET MAN!
Not really close, Willis.
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Uh, Jim Harbaugh?
A head coach can't be a leader?!
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