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Who is the leader of this team?

Who is the leader of this team?

Ahmed brooks
Craig Dahl coming in strong tied for second.

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Kaepernick, he's the 'face of the franchise' now, the FRANCHISE QB.

-Before that it was Harbaugh, Singletary, and Willis, I remember Smith & Bayless talking about this the week before the Giants game last year. Thing is, coaches aren't supposed to be the face of the franchise, it's always the QB, when I think of GB I think Rodgers, and Manning now with the Broncos. -Although there are rare cases like the Pats (and I think we'll make that case) where you have the coach + QB holding it.
Vernon Davis no doubt! Remember hearing about how he took over the locker room in that playoff game against the Saints at halftime. Then took the game over. Willis leads with his speeches every game but when VD speaks people completely stop and hear him out. He's that natural leader that needed some grooming in his youth.
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My first thought too.

JH is the leader.

Any player you might name is second
Ask yourself, who is it that is in the middle of the team giving the fire-up speech every game? That is your team leader.

For the Ravens it was Ray Lewis. For the Saints it is Drew Brees. For the 49ers it is Patrick Willis leading those fire-up speeches. A lot of the time VD is right there chiming in, but it is Willis letting everyone feed off of his intensity.
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"Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaah." Cracks me up every time.
Ok, I'll bite....why Dahl a 12%?
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Ok, I'll bite....why Dahl a 12%?

Because many are clowning on the poll.

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Why isn't McDermott on the list!?!
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Andy Lee!
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Ahmed brooks

Aldwyn Smythe
If I was being jumped by 5 guys the person I'd want alongside me would be Justin Smith.
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Who chose Craig Dahl?

The first thing that popped in my head lol.
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