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Drafting a running attack - cool stat

IDK if this needs it own thread, but on merit alone it might draw some convo.

In college football in the 2010 season there were 32 players who exceeded 1150 yards rushing in that year.

The 49ers now employ 4 of those 32 players.

LaMichael James (#1)

Kendall Hunter (#9)

Colin Kaepernick (#25)

Marcus Lattimore (#28)

What is interesting is that this was the only season that all four players were in college at the same time.

As interesting as this nugget is...I wonder has their ever been this many leading rushers in college on the same NFL team...let alone an NFL team that is consistently top 5 in rushing year to year.

Just another angle to legitimize the job Baalke has done since he was named GM.
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Baalke be pimpin no doubt.
Nice find
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