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Pre Week 1 2013: Final thoughts on the upcoming season...

This season feels different to me, probably because I have never gone into a season feeling so confident that my team was going to win. Kaep still has a lot to prove but as long as our defense plays as good(and I think they well) and our special teams is improved(which I think it is) we should be able to play with anyone. This is Kaepernicks third season and although last season was only ten games, I think he is ready to show what hes really made of this year. We will make the playoffs, obviously. Our running game is going to be good and Kaepernick will be efficient with a lot of touchdowns I think. Gore will show everyone whats up and so will Kendal. Passing game will do I am more ready for the STL rematches than the seatle ones to be honest.
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We will win.
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