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Pre Week 1 2013: Final thoughts on the upcoming season...

1) Kaep: I have a small concern here. The expectation level is so incredibly high right now that he may be doomed for failure in the eyes of some fans. He isn't Superman. What he is though is a very good young player with all the tools in abundance. At some point he's gonna struggle. Lets just remember that we knew this NOW. He will make mistakes. He will learn from them. He will be a better QB for having made those mistakes.

2) Expectations: This is really an offshoot of what I said on Kaep. There will come a rough patch during the season. It happens every year to every team. in 1994 is was 40-8 vs the eagles. Last year it was 42-13 in Seattle. Those things WILL happen this year. Lets just try to remember that we knew it was going to happen and its a part of the complection of every team...even Super Bowl Champions.

3) Reid: Again, expect mistakes. I expect him to be a solid but not spectacular player this year who makes mistakes but never the same one twice. We can't expect a rookie to come in and play like a vet like Goldson. I wasn't a Goldson fan, but he was a very solid player and a vet. When we see Reid get burned by Rodgers/Wilson/Luck/Shaub, remember that this is one hell of a trial by fire...and also note who I left out there. LOL.

4) Crabtree: I think he'll be back, but I don't expect it till really late in the year and hopefully for a playoff run. I don't know how much he could contribute, but a Crab TD to seal a playofff win would be one hell of a story.

5) WRs in general: I'm not nearly as gloomy about the position as others. Anquan is Anquan. I like Williams. Manningham will be back. Patton looks good and who saw Marlon Moore coming? Baldwin...we'll see, but he's certainly an upgrade from AJ.

6) The Smith Brothers: Oh man is it great to have both those guys healthy again. I can't wait till week 2.

7) DBs: Again....not as gloomy here as many think it is. I like the players the Niners will be rolling out there. Are they the 'hawks secondary? Certainly not, but the 'hawks don't have out front 7 either. Actually, I think the secondary would be considered a good but not great one with some pretty good depth if this were a different team. When the rest of the roster is as strong as it is, you look for "weaknesses". They become overblown and people don't realize that you are STILL better than half the league in those "weakness" positions. Brown/Rogers/Asomugha/Brock/Cox at CB with Reid/Whitner as safeties? I'm OK with that...particularly with # 6 on my list.

8) RBs: This season will be interesting. Is Gore still the workhorse? Do they start to get used to life post-Gore with Hunter and James? If someone gets hurt, do they activate Lattimore? They are STACKED at RB...but it remains to be seen what happens when Gore leaves. We may get a glimpse this year...but then again I think I've said something similar to that for the past three years so what do I know?

9) Dawson: OMG its nice to have a kicker again. We win what, at least 2 more games last year if we had a decent kicker? No more overtime losees or ties.

10) We're here. This is it. I said this in my last "Thoughts" post, but it bears repeating. FINALLY we can see another game so that the SB isn't the last game in our memory. Win or lose, we can finally change the subject.
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Very fine post an thanks for your continued excellence.

I'd like to add that I feel we'll also see more DLine rotation and sacks this season.

i dont think they will activate manningham if the others are playing well. he'll be an FA next year anyway so they may want to get continuity down with whoever will actually be there next year. he and kyle have kind of the same game anyway. as far as lattimore i dont think he'll be activated at all either, they still have dixon who can play if they need another RB. Gore, Hunter, James, Dixon and lattimore waiting in the wings? wow, were loaded lol
I already have butterflies.

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We will win.
I'm going to not temper my excitement about Kaep and predict MVP like numbers. Lets see if I'm disappointed. The kaep koolaid runs thick but so far I've been 100% about him since he was drafted. Can't Wait!
Great defense elite qb once in a generation coach. Honestly I haven't felt this good about the team since we had coach walsh. We are the 49ers these should be our expectations. Leave the tempering to the losers in seattle and az. Keep up the good posting marvin!
As usual Marvin, you piss excellence.
Good point about the secondary. People like to say its a weakness, but its not. We're still better than most of the league there.
As usual, great post, Marvin. I'm sure I can speak for many on this board when I say, "thank you" for your impartial logic and rational. It definitely helps reinforce a lot of my own thoughts and ideas, especially pertaining to mistakes. After all, the struggle and growing pains are as much a part of football as football itself.

Originally posted by 5280High:
As usual Marvin, you piss excellence.

Logic and Reason in NT? Isnt that one of the 7 signs?

Great post (as always), but you, I and everyone thats posted in here knows as soon as Kaep tosses a pick, SF loses a game, we run on 2nd and 5, the In Game thread will blow up about how all is lost, and then the threads will form out of nowhere that we need to trade Kaep, Gore is done, maybe we trade Willis for Watt, etc....

We all know whats coming, it happens every year. Kind of fun to read the insanity at times, but to try and stem that off before the season, you are doomed. lol
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Originally posted by natrone06:
I'm going to not temper my excitement about Kaep and predict MVP like numbers. Lets see if I'm disappointed. The kaep koolaid runs thick but so far I've been 100% about him since he was drafted. Can't Wait!

Same here. I don't care if it's only his 11th, or whatever, start. He's shown repeatedly that he has ice water in his veins. If Kap doesn't put up efficient numbers (completion %, TD/INT ratio), it's the fault of the WRs/TEs.
I read a great deal more than I post or comment, but have to say that you Marvin are the best. Would rather read your posts than either of the Matt's!
Great post Marvin49! So ready for Sunday!
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