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What will it take for us to get back to the Superbowl?

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a playoff berth

a couple wins in the most competitive games of the year using skill and lil luck

A touchceptiom
A healthy team
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
A touchceptiom

Ancient Aliens...

But seriously it is gonna take a whole lot of Kap
Originally posted by ForeverYoung8:
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
A touchceptiom

AKA the fail mary, Russel Wilson's game winning interception
To late The outcome has already been decided in a dark smokey backroom at NFL headquarters
just win baby
Originally posted by saj4423:
just win baby

Atlanta is probably our toughest competition.
Originally posted by dj43:
SB teams are, first and foremost, free of injuries to key players.

This team starts the season with a key injury. Strike One.

But will it end it with that same injury??

I'll take them up front, if I have to. We've seen what the reverse was the last two years....
Home field advantage in the playoffs would be nice. High seed. Would hate to have to travel to Century Link Field twice
Injuries will be the biggest factor, IMO.
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