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Who will be the breakout player of the year for the niners?

Originally posted by boast:
Colin Kaelernick?
Ricky Patton?
Ricky Jean Patton?
Originally posted by boast:
Colin Kaelernick?
Ricky Patton?

patton 1100 yards 8tds
This will sound weird, but Kaepernick.I think by the end of the year he is running a non-gadget offense quickly, reliably; reading progressions; escaping pressure and looking for the hot reads like an elite QB. He will actually perform to the level everybody is already expecting. His performance is what will bring us deep into the playoffs.
Kyle Williams
I would really like to see Aldon, not only become our best Defensive player but our best player overall this year. That would be great......especially with the beasts we already have on Defense. It would be even greater is Reid makes everyone forget Goldson and becomes our best DB, along with Nhamdi.
Thinking Patton. He's going to be hard to keep on the bench.
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Originally posted by mayo49:
Patton = rookie of the year

Salute the general!
Originally posted by boast:
Originally posted by bret:
I know when you're talking about break-out, you're thinking about unknowns. But when you have two young players who have already exploded on the scene, yet haven't yet begun to scratch the surface of their talent, I think you can still think about them as having break-out years. I'm talking about:

MVP: Colin Kaelernick, whose command is clearly improved, and

Defensive Player of the Year: Aldon Smith. He didn't play much in preseason, but he appeared to have so much greater a command of the defense - he'll be better reading the run, better in coverage, and because he's healthy, even more dominant as a pass rusher.

Among the unknowns, 4 stand out:

Eric Reid will make people forget Dashon Goldson, better tools, and better discipline,

Ian Williams will provide a clear upgrade over Sopoaga, and will get All-Pro mention by the end of the year,

Ricky Patton will work his way in to the number 2 receiver role,

and the big break-out will be:

Vance McDonald! He's going to be a beast and people will end up having nightmares trying to figure out a scheme to stop our two-headed tight end juggernaut!

Colin Kaelernick?
Ricky Patton?

Who are those guys?

Originally posted by midrdan:
Patton - 70 catches, 800 yards, 6 TDs.

I have a feeling this may be it.
Gonna be Quinton Patton.
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