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How much info can the Packers get from Tolzien?

Could be a big deal, but there is still a big difference between the plays and the gameplan. He doesn't know the gameplan or this weeks wrinkles.
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Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Originally posted by longtime49erfan:
Originally posted by davidb:
Unless the 49ers have put some kind of strong computer security in place, a player (who thinks he will be cut) could copy his playbook onto a flash drive and take it with him when he leaves.

A copy of the 49er playbook would be a valuable thing to have to "sell" to a new team.

I know I am looking at things from with dark, unethical point of view, but I think you have to think about the risks, when you choose to provide the players with iPads to hold the playbook.

I don't think so. I believe there are strict non-disclosure agreements attached to professional football (and other sports) contracts, and that the penalties for violating them are extremely severe. Otherwise, every time a player was traded from one team to another team he would bring along his former team's playbook. In other words, every coach would have every team's playbook, which is obviously not the case.

Plus the alternative is to have a paper playbook which can be photocopied anyway...

The ipad can be remotely wiped.
Originally posted by kingairta:
The tells are what worries me. So and so lowers his shoulder on this play kind of stuff. So many plays come from one formation you cant tell what will happen without the tells. If you are aware of your tells like Peyton was last night you could use it to your advantage.

Peyton changes the play at the line so it doesnt matter if opponents think they know what he will do. He manages the game clock better than any QB active right now.
I think you mis understood what I was saying. Peyton had tells. Baltimore knew of them. Since Peyton was aware that he had tells and Baltimore knew it he could use them to his advantage. Like a poker player playing a bluff. Now if Peyton wasnt aware be was giving tells the defense could key on him like St Lous did with us ac ording to Dahl.
So did I miss something? Did Tolzien teach them how to Dougie?
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