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Predict the score: Week 1 vs. Green Bay

27-20 49ers take it
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35-13 Niners
Niners 34 - Pack 21
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75-6 Packers Win
37 - 17 niners.

Rodgers will try and run a hurry up offense but he will not have time to throw. The 49ers should be able to play press coverage and give the rush a second longer to get there so Rodgers will have to throw the ball away or take a sack often. On Defense I see Matthews getting flagged for 2 to 3 late hits on Kaep as he will try to forget that s**tty game last year in the playoffs.
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Originally posted by valrod33:
75-6 Packers Win

You b*****d.
49ers 31
Packers 21

game won't be as close as the score indicates...
Greenbay 20

49ers 14
42- 21

we will control the tempo of the game .....but rodgers will throw a couple garbage td passes in the 4th to get the score to 21
Originally posted by theninermaniac:
49ers - 31

Packers - 17

We are gonna pound Frank at them, keeping Rodgers off the field. Were gonna jump out to an early lead and not look back. Kaep will have at least three big plays of 25 yards or more against GB's weak secondary. Niners roll.

That's about right, but I'll go 31 - 24 Niners. The 49er's special teams will give up a touchdown and keep it close... What else is new?

I think it will be closer than people think. I mean come on, they have arguably the best qb in Rodgers. But the score will be like 35-24 mostly cause of special teams giving up big returns.
Vance McDonald will make an impact in the 1st qtr
38 - 14
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