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Most hated All-time 49ers Foe

Most hated All-time 49ers Foe

Originally posted by cris_sonic:

Easily the Seahawks most hated rival! This Lone Niner fan was 'Rainy' on the Cheathawks victory parade this afternoon!

Props to that guy lol. Must have been lonely.
For me it's the packers.
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Originally posted by cris_sonic:

Easily the Seahawks most hated rival! This Lone Niner fan was 'Rainy' on the Cheathawks victory parade this afternoon!

Props to that guy lol. Must have been lonely.
Where's waldo?
Cowboys Not even close. Then Packers & now Seahawks in 3rd. Last few years the Giants & Lions have been up there in douchbaggery as well.
Hated the Packers & Giants more than Dallas. -The deal with Dallas was competition, the Giants games got personal because of the cheapshots, the Packers got away with a lot of shady things (with calls in their favor) similar to the s**t we've been seeing from Seattle as of late (which is why I didn't feel two s**ts of sorry for that MNF flimflam, in a game GB would have screwed somebody else back in the late 90s).

Seattle still feels 'new' to me cause this is the first time both teams have been equally competitive. Before Sherman even came along, I just hated their fans. In fact I would love to get back those ill-mouthed yuppie NW hicks who dominated Seattle's fanbase pre-2010. Seattle's fanbase these days is made up of nothing but millennial brats looking to soak in an MTV concert experience at the Clink.
How about the Los Angeles Rams....Merlin Olsen , Deacon Jones , Larmar Lundy and Rosie Grier and a running back named Elroy ( Crazy Legs ) Hirsh.... man I hated those guys when I was a kid.......1960 plus
It is the Packers by far... their fans and their organization are low-life scum and their players were always so cocky when the refs were giving them the calls and basically handing the game to them. Guys like Butler acting as if it was their greatness that beat the 49ers and not the refs taking TDs away from the 49ers or giving TDs to GB.

I never really hated the Giants. They didn't cheat to knock out Joe Montana... that was just how the game was played in those days.. QBs were football players like everyone else and not put up on this pansy pedestal where they can't even get hit these days.

I hated that the Cowboys were beating the 49ers and taking away Super Bowl opportunities more than I hated the team, its fans, and the players. For me the 1994 season took all of that hatred away. Beat them twice that year and won the Super Bowl. Even when they took Deion in 1995 the 49ers were still better... but then the NFL started doing that s**t where they let certain teams cheat and give them favorable calls and the GB b******t started and lasted for 3 years.

Never really hated any of the NFC West teams. Each of them always turn into super obnoxious idiots when they get good... but I have a sneaking suspicion that its really just the bandwagon fans doing that crap. The ones trying to prove that they are "real" fans by spending all of their time trolling 49ers fans so that the actual fans accept them as long-time fans and not the lame-ass fairweather fans they really are...

The Rams fans and players were pretty ridiculous when the Greatest Show on Turf emerged, the Cardinals fans and players were acting the fool when Warner took them to the Super Bowl and won the West a couple years, and now the Seahawks fans and players are acting like big idiots. It is weird and somewhat entertaining to me because it is pretty obvious they want to be where the 49ers are as an established winning organization and one of the elite organizations. They all do the same thing... like prison rules... attack the biggest guy first and then say you're now the new king because you won.

The Seahawks today are just like the Rams and Cardinals and the Seahawks from 1999-2010. A flash in the pan and they'll fade away... while the 49ers keep rolling. The Greatest Show on Turf was supposed to dominate for a decade too... what happened? So, why would I care about the Seahawks hype or their behavior as fans and players? Its nothing we haven't all seen from the Rams from 1999-2004, Seahawks from 2003-2007, Cards from 2007-2010, and Seahawks again from 2010-today. You guys can't tell me that the way the Seahawks are acting today doesn't remind you a lot of how the Rams, Seahawks, and Cards acted over the last decade and a half.
lol 2011 Giants are on there, but no 90's Packers??
Hawks (now)
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Giants! Can't stand em.

Originally posted by Pillbusta:
90s Cowboys by far. Blocked multiple titles and were very mouthy while doing it

This. Seattle has only f**ked it up for us once in their entire history.
Originally posted by slip:
Giants! Can't stand em.

As far as all time? This!

The NY Giants have cause me more heartbreak as a 49er fan than any other franchise and it's not really close.
If you look at the full range of Niner history, you've got to say the Cowboys. In the early 70's they knocked Niner teams out of the playoffs twice. One time, the Niners were up by 11 with 1:50 to play in the game and the Cowboys came back with a TD, a recovered on-side kick and another long TD and beat them. The Niners had to knock them off to get to their first Super Bowl. And, we all know what happened in the early 90's - come on. Thee out of four NFC Championship games they knock the Niners out. It's the Cowboys hands down.
I hated Brett Farve and the Pack growing up and can't fathom how Kaepernick rooted for both SF and GB. Kap reminds me of Farve, which might be the reason I wasn't for him starting over Smith. 90s Cowboys=90s Packers for me. Those Cowboys fans...
90's cowboys
Late 90's packers

Current Seahawks are a distant 3rd very mouthy for someone who just lost his virginity
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