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49ers most interesting and informative posters

Originally posted by susweel:
no mention of me. worst thread ever

or me
didnt see susweel's name.

double post
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You actually read the longer posts in Niner Talk?
this has NOTHING to do with the 49ers team or players and everything to do with members of the webzone....should be moved to the Parking Lot IMO
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
this has NOTHING to do with the 49ers team or players and everything to do with members of the webzone....should be moved to the Parking Lot IMO

maybe we can get a banner in the new stadium: "Team forum with the best dudes"
So if we all sit in a circle and everyone spits into their right hand and reaches over...
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
Well, so far, everybody who has made a comment should be on my list. I remember great about yrs ago, but have trouble with short term. There is a word for that, but at my age, it's forgivable. In trying to pay a compliment to every poster on this board, past and present, my hat is off to you all. You folks make for some terrific entertainment and lots of information that comes out later...usually a lot later. Our site rivals ESPN on the 9ers, and just on the Red and Gold we beat the krapt out of them. Once again, if I didn't mention your name, it wasn't intentional. I read some posters who write interesting articles more than others...but love reading everybody's stuff. AmpLee gets it...didn't mention his name, but believe me, it was there but just didn't make it out of my mind onto the paper....and same for everyone else. I gave special mention to the guys who I read most often with almost always thot provoking stuff.

For me this is fun and helps me with writer's block when working on my one novel and 3rd book on hunting and fishing in Baja(Best Stories of Baja and Arriba! Baja).
Currently am about 25% thru a medical malpractice novel, "The White God", and have all notes and outlines ready to go for "Hunting from A to Z...Argentina to Zambia and back" . Problem is always time, but for a writer, writers block is no fun, and entering a post on WZ sometimes helps me get thru something I get stuck on. Also easy , free , writing(ie WZ) somehow loosens me up and I can go back and finish a chapter, or segment, whatever. Also, reading your thoughts on something to do with the 49ers, tends to help me thru writers block. Ask any author...and they will tell you about writer's block. If I write freely here, I am more apt to write freely in my novel. So WZ is somewhat therapeutic for me also.

So to those inadvertently not mentioned, Hey, mea culpa. But truly, it was from forgetfulness, nothing more. I can honestly say there is not one person on this board that hasn't written something that interested me or informed me. But at my age, remembering names gets harder and harder. So please, no hurt feelings.

There was ONE...back a few yrs ago and his handle was nolannonsense. THERE was a guy that didn't write anything but b.s. , lies, hurtful stuff, and was just a pizz ant trying to ruin the stew. Mods, who really are the heart and soul of this blog, finally took care of him. How , I don't know, but I think he got banned. So yeah, there was ONE name that didn't belong. Thanks to everyone else for all the work, thought, and soul you put into your posts. I truly do enjoy you all.

Just for grins, sometime read other team's blogs, and note they don't come close to ours. If I had to bet it would be because of our Mods over the yrs, and also our really excellent members.

nolannonsense was a guy who was just fed up...more so than most of us here...but the funny thing about him was he just lost it to the point that the Zone unknowingly created his character NolanHasAplan.

Maybe I just speak for myself, but NHAP helped me get through those tough years......he would overly be a homer so much so, that even those who tried to look at the bright things regarding Nolan and Alex...well some of them kind of stepped back reflected.

I think that was his agenda when he created his NHAP character...he wanted those on the Zone to see how some of the came off sometimes.
Well at least I am not on anyone's s**t list!
Originally posted by AB83Rules:
I frequent a few websites, mostly 49ers sites, Twitter, etc... for news. Rotoworld is good, PFT is good, even though Florio is an ass at times. I try away from ESPN, too many ads, and pop ups. Plus their writers are bad at times. I hate reading them. Like they have a sentence, without a period. Or 2 words stuck together, like the49ers instead of the 49ers. annoys me. is ok, Yahoo Shut Down Corner is good. Brian McIntyre is the 1st guy from our little cap group on yahoo to get a good gig writing for a well known site.

He was the owner of, I think thats the name or was.

I have used ESPN for game day stats--box scores--but that's it. is OK but there are a surprising number of errors. Rotoworld is one I tend to forget for long periods of time and then it comes up in a search. PFT I use fairly frequently, and ProFootballReference helps out on stat gathering and comparisons of players. Really go for sights that are quick to load and have few mind tends to wander!

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One of my favorites is WWFGD...the guy offers some incredible insight . In reality Marvin49 is my favorite poster and its not even close.
Maybe one day i can join this list, just maybe.
IGood list.

I'd add Phoenix to that list. He's really on top of the whole picture - draft, FA and other teams.
Originally posted by 4thewin:
Not sure if anyone has mentioned him yet, but I also enjoy the contributions made by WHOMEAM. He's the one that posts the games up online.

Just saw this thread and thanks so much! Back in the day I was nominated as one of the better analysts and it's so fun to see so many others truly doing their research and bringing something to the table objectively...for us all. Some like whomeam really put in a ton of time and as a result, makes us better fans. So many times the WZ has made some great calls that turned out right in the end...over our own FO. Props to so many I appreciate here. Some are more into quantity and others quality. Appreciate your work and let others form their own opinions! Thanks to the WZ owners and mods for keeping this a classy place! Go Niners!
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interesting and informative poster
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