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Me >> All the rest of you joto's.
Don't forget a shout out to all the people that contributed to the 49ers photoshop thread. So many laughs out of there. Showed my brother the Cowboy fan and he laughed his butt off at all the stuff in there. Same with all the guys who have shared wallpapers they have found or made. Some really talented people in that thread as well, myself not one of them. Ok done butt kissing just thankful to all those that go out of their way to help others or who contribute to this forum and make it a better place. I didn't want Pasodoc to get eaten alive by himself.
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No one should feel butt hurt. I've seen these types, and I have been left off, never bothered me.
Oh ic, this is the name dropping thread. Hold on, i got a list BRB. Bout to burn this MF'r down.

Nah seriously where has Buzz been?
Originally posted by verb1der:
Smells like semen in here.

lol F*ck'n gross, but funny
Nice friends list, dude....
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Call me crazy but I like a lot of the guys who were first on to kap. No offense to some of the other posters. I see the team through rose colored glass's. I like reading the post of guys who are a step ahead. Because I'm not! haha
Originally posted by Esco:

Thanks Pasodoc...I enjoy reading through this site, your posts and others...perhaps it's an addiction. Most of the guys you mention are guys I read and it is becoming less frequent that I skip posts! Either my reading is speeding up or I'm reading fewer threads. Maybe both? Most of the posters tend to be either positive or funny. AB is annoying though...too knowledgeable! Irritating as hell!
one thing I like about the zone is that I can come here and just read threads. I post every now and then but I enjoy just reading what other people think and why even if I disagree.
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
Even King Kong had a beautiful heart. Tyson's heart is incredible, and incredibly good. What went wrong is the family and friends around him who failed to guide him well. Only Cuss showed up there. Tyson could have been an even greater champion with guides who had a clue earlier on in his life.

That said...yeah...this thread is a little touchy.

But maybe respect is due where it is due.

Keep rolling webzone!!!

Originally posted by Esco:
This thread has me on my toes like a midget in a uranel.
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Originally posted by 24plus25er:
No hope for the little guys...

Props out to everyone before me and to those that don't (yet) hate my guts
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