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49ers most interesting and informative posters

Go f**k yourself.
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Unhh, guys I anticipated those inadvertently left out being offended, but you shouldn't be. I read as many posts as I can, in that I have my own wine/vineyard blog not to mention vineyard work and winemaking. But I will tell those not mentioned this, and AmpLee, who I forgot reminded me of it. Most every post written is entertaining. Many of you post on that thread or create your own. I have a hard time with remembering names, but that's ok because at my age, I have earned that. Matter of fact, I can't remember what I had for breakfast. Nowadays, remembering names is not what I think about in the morning. Usually it is,
"Thank you God, for allowing me to live another day". Let's just say I would come close to winning award for oldest poster...and leave it at that. There are NO posters I don't enjoy, and yes that includes you SanDiego, who I also forgot. Thanks, gents.
Honored, to be mentioned in such an esteemed group! thanks!
Don't see my name...... I Think Im going to
Award for best Spammer: pasodoc.... jk

Yeah, these threads dont work out because people get offended. I'll actually say thank you to all those who contribute and post. Really is a joy to share the ups and downs of the team with you guys. It's hard being a fan outside the Bay Area. Gets distant but really helps being on here and I'm sure others around the country and world feel that way.
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Smells like semen in here.
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I nominate Markd. His posts are informative and comical. He has also linked people to past full 49ers games. He rocks and is cool.
thankx pasodoc9er for the mention.

I've always said that everyone here is like family... we argue like family, we find out news and react like family, and celebrate and grieve like family.

so although some might think things get real heated around here, its still all love and just family members interacting with each other.

if every poster acted the same way and had the same opinion, it would get pretty.....i don't know, weird?
Originally posted by AmpLee:
Stopped reading at JoeCool.

This...and cciowa (but that was at the end of the post).

You're hurting a lot of peoples feelings lol
Originally posted by Gore_21:
I've been impressed by a lot of the new posters that have joined recently. Some of these guys come in and I'm amazed that they can come in post 1 and contribute and being extremely knowledgeable about what they are talking about. I mean just because you aren't apart of a message board doesn't mean you can't be knowledgeable just great to see new posters come in that can contribute and make the message board a better place not a worse one.

Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

Dude I'm awesome and I know it.
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