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WR: When Crabtree and Manningham eventually come back.

Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Exactly why they tried sohard to re-sign him. Oh wait, no they didn't.

It seems like you're highly overrating Manningham here and it seems, highly underrating Moore.

You might be doing exactly what you are accusing SD of. Moore has looked good no doubt, but Manningham has experience, never discount that. Moore hasn't done much in the NFL as of yet, Mario was a contributor on a couple of Superbowl championship teams.
Well with Manningham one reason Giants didn't re-sign him is they seem to be very good at drafting for that 3rd WR spot. They seem to stick anyone in there and he does well. IMO if Manningham had never gotten injured and it was straight up vs Moore... who is better I'd go with Manningham. Like Phoenix said he really messed up his knee. If he didn't he would have likely been ready to go. So there is no guarantee he will be the Manningham we had before he got hurt last year. That being said I wouldn't underestimate Moore either. He's played well with us so far. Bottom line is any one of Manningham, Williams or Moore could break out this year. Just seems like Manningham is at a disadvantage being at least 6 weeks behind the rest.
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People do know they can cut a non WR right? Plus its not like we are gonna get through to Crabtrees possible return without an injury. Lezbehonest
Originally posted by 5280High:
People do know they can cut a non WR right? Plus its not like we are gonna get through to Crabtrees possible return without an injury. Lezbehonest

This thread Also everyone seems to think we will have perfect health all season. One can dream but please think realistically. Also, we're currently holding 10 linebackers.
Originally posted by AUniner:
This thread Also everyone seems to think we will have perfect health all season. One can dream but please think realistically. Also, we're currently holding 10 linebackers.

This. Can't see them holding on to all of Moody, Wilhoite AND Stupar all season long.
Fans are thinking it's a given for Manningham and Crabtree to come back this season. Both injuries could take a year to heal. Kaep will make his receivers, I can imagine him giving high fives to Patton and McDonald after TD receptions and saying, "Dude I'm gonna make you rich".
TS sounds like a bitter old man tbh
Thought I would revive this thread as Patton is now injured. Don't think we have a problem with too many WRs...just trying to have enough healthy ones will be a chore.

It worries me that this injury situation will perpetuate itself! It would be nice to have a couple of big, steady injury proof it too much to ask for two AJ Greens?
Baldwin, Boldin and Kasim will have to make do unless they sign someone.
What about Qasim Osgood?

And that WR Harper from Seattle?

Right now first players to go would be:
Morris, Osgood, Stupar possibly when Moody is healthy, TJE possibly if Dial/Carradine come back, Moore, possibly Marecic, possibly Kyle Williams. We will have to wait and see who comes back first. There will be guys coming back and guys getting cut left and right throughout the season. Once Aldon, Wright, Manningham, Moody, Crabtree come back we will have to take it 1 player at a time. Patton will remain inactive and a part of the 53 man roster so nobody to add in place of him. Just will be inactive each week until healthy. Roster has changed a lot since they put out the 53 a few weeks back.

I don't think we would have signed Harper to a 3 year deal if we were going to cut him right away. I think he stays and we work with him this offseason and he has a chance for 3rd TE or 4/5th WR next year. I don't think we sign anyone. We will go with Boldin, Baldwin, Williams, Osgood (over Moore for ST), Moore, Harper.
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I wouldn't be surprised to see Patton on IR when Manningham comes back, and Marecic cut when Crabtree comes back. They decided not to put Patton on IR, but he can be added on there at a later time.

WR: Crabtree/Baldwin
WR: Boldin/Moore
WR: Manningham/Williams

That's a very solid WR group.
Originally posted by Gore_21:
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
That of course depends on how Moore is playing. If he's playing well, I don't see how you can cut him. The team is not anymore attached to Manningham than they are to Moore, both have their contracts expiring at the end of the season. I see too many making the assumption that its a foregone conclusion that when Manningham comes back, he'll be one of the 4 best WR's on this roster, ignoring that his knee was absolutely wrecked and that while certainly a nice talent, he's far from irreplaceable, he's a quality #3 guy on a good team, if Patton and Moore are balling out, Manningham would essentially become redundant.

I believe we would have to eat 1 million of his salary if he would get cut after week 6 otherwise I'd say it's a possibility we cut him if the others are doing well. Still, I'd rather keep him in case and just have someone like Baldwin be inactive (keep 6 wrs). Then once Crabtree comes back I'd cut Manningham, Moore, or Williams whoever is doing the worst. Can't keep 7 and also if we are going to pay Manningham 1 mil I'd rather cut him week 12, 13, 14 whenever Crabtree comes back then cut him week 7. That being said might be nice to have Manningham for the playoffs. Probably win last year's SB if he is healthy. Guy shows up in the playoffs/SB and is reliable. Maybe Williams is the odd man out because I just don't see us cutting Baldwin. I would think we let him hit the jugs machine this offseason and work with some of our coaches and players and see if we can make something out of him. To me if Williams, Moore or Manningham go late in the season it's not a big deal since they are all FAs after the season anyways. They won't be missing too many games.

Mario makes $1.8M, so far he has earned $423,529, but by Week 6, we will have made $635,294, and he has a guarantee of $1.25M for injury, so we would have to wait for him to be healthy to cut him in order to save room, by week 9, he will have made $952,941, leaving only $847,059 in cap savings when healthy, wont help much at all. I dont think MM will be fully ready until week 7 or 8 at earliest. Would you rather have talented MM over money and a wasted roster spot of Kyle Williams and/or Marlon Moore. Especially when Crabs is back.

It should look like this IMO come week 9, if Crabs and MM are healthy.

1- Boldin
2- Crabtree
3- Manningham
4- Baldwin (Guaranteed salary, wont eat it, plus he looked good, so he stays)
5- Patton (If set back, we may IR him)
6- Osgood (ST Ace, likely stays)

That's good depth. But returner, I say Cox, he looked better in preseason. On KRs James and Cox.

Then if we get Dial and Tank back after week 6 or close to week 9, we cut, likely Jerod-Eddie, and either Stupar or Dobbs. This also depends on health. If Moody will be back, which is 8 weeks from week 2, so week 10 I believe is when he is eligible to return from IR/Designated to Return list.

This would be my 46-man active

1- QB Colin Kaepernick
2- QB Colt McCoy (Want BJ Daniels by then, but safe bet is McCoy, rather it Daniels)
3- RB Frank Gore
4- RB Kendall Hunter
5- RB/KR LaMichael James
6- FB Bruce Miller
7- WR Anquan Boldin
8- WR Micahael Crabtree
9- WR Mario Manningham
10- WR Jon Baldwin (Patton concerns me, Idk if the foot will be fully healed by week 9)
11- TE Vernon Davis
12- TE Vance McDonald
13- TE Garrett Celek (Maybe Owen Marecic as kinda H-Back, mainly blocker, plus Miller could play some TE)
15- C Jonathan Goodwin
16- C/OG Daniel Kilgore
17- LG Mike Iupati
18- RG Alex Boone
19- OG/OT Adam Snyder
20- LT Joe Staley
21- RT Anthony Davis
22- DE Justin Smith
23- DE Ray McDonald
24- DE Tank Carradine
25- NT Glenn Dorsey
26- NT Quinton Dial
27- OLB Aldon Smith (Hoping he is back by then)
28- OLB Ahmad Brooks
29- OLB Corey Lemonier
30- OLB Dan Skuta
31- ILB Patrick Willis
32- ILB NaVorro Bowman
33- ILB Michael Wilhoite
34- CB Carlos Rogers
35- CB Tarell Brown
36- CB Nnamdi Asomougha
37- CB Tramaine Brock
38- CB/PR Perrish Cox
39- FS Eric Reid
40- FS C.J. Spillman
41- SS Donte Whitner
42- SS Craig Dahl
43- SS/ST Raymond Ventrone
44- PK Phil Dawson
45- P Andy Lee
46- LS Kevin McDermott

I would even activate Osgood over Celek, if only Osgood looks good on STs.

47- WR/ST Kassim Osgood
48- QB BJ Daniels
49- TE Chris Harper
50- WR Quinton Patton
51- LG/C Joe Looney
52- DE Dobbs or ILB Stupar (Whoever is cut for Dial/Tank, along with Jerod-Eddie cut)
53- CB Darryl Morris (Likely till Nick Moody is back)

Guys staying on NFI

Marcus Lattimore
Luke Marquardt
maybe Nick Moody on IR, if hand injury isn't better


1- WR Chuck Jacobs
2- OG Patrick Omameh
3- OT Carter Bykowski
4- CB Darryl Morris (If eligible)
5- ILB Nate Stupar (If Eligible)
6- OLB D'Aundre Reed
7. NT Michael Purcell
8- DE Tony Jerod-Eddie (If eligible)

SS Michael Thomas could stay if someone isn't eligible, like Stupar or Morris. I think it's 6 games on 46 man roster and you're not eligible now. So far Stupar and Jerod-Eddie 2 games. Morris 1 Game.

Note that Dobbs isn't eligible. So we could cut Dobbs and keep Stupar. Since Dobbs is a FA after 2013, a RFA and the tender should be around $1.4M, too much for a reserve DE.

Forgot Dixon. He could be cut if Marecic shows more. But Marecic would be cut. This is tough one.
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Originally posted by Eli_23:
What about Qasim Osgood?

And that WR Harper from Seattle?

Osgood is a ST Ace only. He would stay. Harper they seem high on, gave him 202K guarantee this year. Even if cut Williams isn't among top 4 WRs on roster when Crabs and Mario are back. I can't see them or justify having a roster spot for Williams. He is terrible with PRs and at WR. He didn;t even play at WR or he didn't get thrown too, one or the other in STL.

Plus Harper is viewed as a TE I think.
I dont like the way you guys talk about Mario Manningham like if he is not good wirde reciver or suttin I think he is underrated he is a solid good number 3 reciver better then kyle williams more or any other of thos top 3 recivers are crabtree boldin and mario.. dont sleep on mario he better then all the w.r on the roster beside crabtree and boldin..
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