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Seneca Wallace is NOT retiring, and calls out Harbaugh for lying.

Originally posted by buck:
You can keep the media at distance without treating them the way Harbaugh does.

If you want to argue that Harbaugh's treatment of the media or his interactions with the media is good, we disagree.

My guess is that at some point, it will come back to bite him on the butt.

My point is that the disdain he shows for them is NOT necessary.

Yea I was watching a presser around the time Haralson was traded. I forgot the question he was asked but it wasn't even a loaded question. It was like a really minor thing about an injured player or something. Harbaugh called the dude out though. By name he asked if he thought he really had a story there. It was really kind of rude.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by SofaKing:
When other coaches do this trick, they call it creating competition, lighting a fire under another player, forcing a contract resolution. It's smart business and every team does this at some position. But when Harbaugh does it he's an a*****e.

I understand he shouldn't have said he thought Wallace was retiring. But Wallace had no contact with him, his agent had no contact with him. Just hours before the game he announces he's quitting. Sounds like a guy who doesn't want to play anymore. His fault for not making his intentions clear to the team.

Wallace should be happy a team gave him an opportunity, regardless of their motives. For a guy who wasn't on an NFL roster for all of 2012 and just got dumped by the Saints in the preseason a few weeks back, he sure is a whiny b***h. Seneca doesn't seem to realize that he's retired yet, but the rest of the NFL does.

Exactly. If he really wanted to give himself the best shot at making a roster, he should have stuck around for 3 more hours and played against San Diego. Many guys are in his position with no shot at making the team, but at least put yourself on film to audition for other teams. He didn't even want to do that. I've never seen a player quit ON gameday. I don't blame Harbaugh for thinking he was done playing.
Originally posted by DontSitOnTheHood:
Now all you dummies supposedly knew Harbaugh was playing him from the beginning. LMAO

THIS 100% wz psychics hahahahh
This only increases my affinity for the Head Coach. Accomplish the objective at any cost. If the casualties want to cry about it, so be it - they're just nameless faces anyway.
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Like I said before, you got fake ass fans posing as Niner fans up in here... some of those cowards opened those accounts a long time ago, some are new and more will come... afraid to come out of the closet so that they can troll/stir the pot and act as if they're upset Niner fans.

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Originally posted by kray28:
No I think he's mad that Harbaugh told everyone he retired when he didn't. Dick move by a dick coach.

Stfu! Ur face is a dick, and dick is what ur wife is still looking for cause she definitely aint getting it from you pos. Lmfao

That will cost you. I suggest you take a break. Dont call people names. Not cool.
This thread is taking a break. Some of you guys don't know when to walk away. Some of you guys act like you know what is going on inside the organization and you don't. Dont judge people you don't know. Funny, you call people names for the way they act, then come in here and spew hateful words. Stay classy.
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