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Winners And Losers Preseason Game 4

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Patton is a stud. Hawkins deserves to make the team given two spectacular plays the past two games. The play of these kids makes me think Williams' future on the team is not certain - his starting status is definitely not.

Cam Johnson just found himself a home.
Worth noting, Nate Stupar had a really good game
undefeated 4-0 winners and undisputed....

Baldwin will can't teach his kind of size and he has produced at some level in the NFL already.

Cam Johnson looked like he benefitted from his work last season...he won't get much time on defense but I can see him entering in garbage time and late in the year.

Chuck Jacobs should make the team, but won't. He has a rare ability to find open spaces anywhere on the field. His size is what limits what he may be able to do.

Stupar will get eaten alive in real game action. Cut.

Nick Moody needs work but he is already a very good ST player. Stays

I really like Bykowski. It was hard to find a bright spot in the backups but he has really good feet and plays with good balance. PS looks like his future.

MarQuies Gray looks like he belongs. His blocking isn't where it will be, but he has good hands, he is a heady player and he hustles his ass off. The latter of which you can't teach a football player to do.

Daniels is only the #3 because he is a rookie. He is already a better player than McCoy.

Brock helped himself with the pick but I think his time has come and gone here. Perrish Cox is better than a 4th CB and Brock is no better than a 4. I like the kid but the numbers game is what it is.

Tony Jerod-Eddie needs to be on the final 53...end of story.

Quinton Patton will be pushing Crabtree for his #1 spot by the beginning of next season and will make it awfully difficult for Crabs to command top dollar from the Niners.

Every single Chargers and Raiders fan because you're in for a whole lot of bad football...again.
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Hawkins proved again that he is a playmaker, keep him on the team!

I agree that catch and run last night was amazing and his run back against the vikings was really good to. I hope he earns the last WR spot he also plays with passion out there just needs to do it on sidelines to not get those unsportsman like conduct penalties.
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I thought Dobbs and Tukuafu played poorly. I think that Dorsey, Williams, and Jerod-Eddie are the best down linemen. Still have Carradine and the other guy on PUP who are still in the pipeline. May be some tough cuts coming.

I think our WRs have improved immensely. Patton, Hawkins, Hall are playing well and we at least have some depth to work with. Will be interesting to see what happens to Williams.

Linebacker crew looks good.

Backup offensive line is questionable.

Daniels looks like a keeper and will eventually replace McCoy.
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