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What bubble player are u pulling for to have the game of there life tonight an make the 53

What bubble player are u pulling for to have the game of there life tonight an make the 53

Chad Hall is my gay, oops i mean guy
It is both sad and awesome that I don't care about any of these guys making the team.
Cam Johnson. Especially now that Haralson was traded.
Collie, I would rather have a proven commodity on the roster aside from Boldin. None of the receivers on the roster match that criteria except for Austin Collie. I don't trust Williams or Moore for that. Williams has 35 CAREER receptions in 3 years, that's not a quality receiver. Quite the opposite. Crabtree isn't coming back this season, and Manningham won't be the same player after that horrific injury.
Originally posted by KegBert:
It would be nice to see Gray supplant Celek, especially in the blocking department.

I think Gray has more upside and can develop into a D Love!

Chad Hall
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B.J. Daniels - earn the #3 and move up to #2 by season's end (similar skill set as CK)
Chad Hall - guy hasn't dropped a pass since 1983 and flat out deserves this (and could be used in quite a few packages in the HaRoMan offense)
MarQueis Gray - I would love to use this guy out of the Q-formation, on ST coverage units and line him up everywhere for mismatches!
Demarcus Dobbs - think he's already on the 53 but would like him to have a nice game and prove himself after a bone headed decision
Cameron Johnson - the dude worked hard and Fangio is a fan.
Marcus Cooper - this kid seems to have it all and I would like him to make the 53 and be inactive to start the year and just learn
Darryl Morris - same with this kid; another steal. You can't teach what Cooper/Morris have.
Lavelle Hawkins - I would love if he could return another big one tonight and prove he can FINALLY be that dynamic returner that every team in the NFL seems to have but ours

PS: I live her in San Diego and they had a Niner rep on the radio and he said, since game 1, it's been tight up in the press boxes b/c so many OTHER GM's and staff have been there scouting our cast off's.
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Marcus Cooper. With the turnover that may occur with the CBs, it'll be good to have a some youngsters ready to step in in the 14-15 season.
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Gray. I just think he has the biggest upside of anyone on this list.

I guess I'm just not seeing what everybody else is seeing.

I am pulling for Morris and Collie.
I'll pull for Hawkins

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Chad Hall hands down. Nick Moody second.
Marcus Cooper.

We're going to have to remake our secondary next year. Hopefully Cooper can really step up and show he has a future with the team.
I can't wrap my head around why everybody is so high on chad hall. He's more of a practice all-star than an actual game producer.
coops because i like his name and he's from oakland.
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