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Preseason draft grades

Some writers on bleacher report are legit, others are not.

Reid, McDonald, Lemonier, Patton, Moody, Daniels and Cooper have all played really well. Should be a lot higher than a C+.

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Reid: B+
Carradine: INC
McDonald: B+
Lemonier: A-
Patton: A-
Lattimore: INC
Dial: INC
Moody: B-
Daniels: A
Bykowski: C
Cooper: C

My goodness, what an amazing draft.

Really. If things pan out the way I expect (hope?!), this will be one of the great drafts. For any team. And it was made by a team already very strong.
It really is scary to think without the incompletes that is a pretty damn good draft....then you look at the potential in those injured players and it just feels like we robbed the league blind. The luxury of being able to red shirt half a draft because of our current roster is just outrageous.
preseason draft grades? Where they do that
The verbal synopsis is much more positive than the grades. How can they give an F to rehabbing players? Weird. Also, no UDFA's. We have contributors there too.

This draft is going to turn out way deeper than last year's, barring injury.
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