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Originally posted by xcfan:
imo, crabs and manningham will be worthless this season. you just don't become the player you were this soon after those injuries. this season, these two won't be good enough players to warrant active roster spots.
just go with what we got.

tell that to RGIII or AP... you underestimate modern medicine.
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I'm glad you posted this topic. I think it's interesting and I think about it a lot! I expect the rookies (with the possible exception of Tank Carradine, and even there I'm not sure) won't be activated at all this season unless injuries force the decision. One of the really smart things Baalke and Harbaugh have done since they've been here is to make sure we lose more free agents than we sign. This keeps the flow of extra draft picks coming. We had a league high last year, and the draft haul is already looking like a huge windfall. Having 11 for next year doesn't account for the comp picks we are likely to get, but we lost 5 players, 4 of whom look like they're going to be major contributors. Of our free agent signings only Phil Dawson will likely negate one of our losses; the others - Dorsey, Skuta, and Dahl (does Ventrone count?) - are all reserves.

It's for this reason T Brown and Iupati will probably walk next year unless they agree to below market offers. The Niners would prefer guys to walk and bring in a comp pick rather than get cut because their salary is too high; and if they are going to get cut, they'd prefer a trade that either reduces the cap hit (Jenkins for Baldwin) or gives them a draft pick (Haralson). Even if the pick is low, you keep adding those picks, then on draft day you can use them to go up and draft a guy you really feel sure about, rather than stand pat and wait to draft the guy who's name you put in an envelope last night as the one who'd be available when it was your pick!

I think the Eric Wright situation is especially interesting. Why all the mystery? I think they're trying to stash him. Injuries might force him to be activated. But just maybe they're thinking about next year: Brown and Asomugha are gone as free agents and Rogers is getting to expensive to keep. So they let the first two walk (adding to the comp pick pot), sign Cox and Brock who are restricted unless their play is terrible this year) and then they have Culliver and Wirght to compete with one, maybe two high draft picks (again, we'll likely have 6 of the top 100). In addition they may strong-arm Rogers into reducing his cap hit allowing him to either compete or get traded where he can start.

All of these moves (plus the expected subtraction of Whitner, Jennings, Goodwin, T Brown, Asomugha, Boldin (followed by Crabtree the next year) and possibly Iupati (I just don't see Looney as ready) are about signing Kaepernick and Aldon Smith - the faces of the franchise as they enter the new stadium era.

This is the new business model for successful franchises. And thank God our team is the one leading the way in mastery of it!
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
I really don't think Crabbs and Mario will be factors this season. I'm hoping the opposite, but I think we'll be using the guys we open the season with.
Mario maybe, but I do not think Crabtree will play this year. And if he does, I am not sure he will be a factor, because it will be too late.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:

Abe Lincoln would be proud
Originally posted by Bluesbro:
Mario maybe, but I do not think Crabtree will play this year. And if he does, I am not sure he will be a factor, because it will be too late.

Thanks, Dr. Bluesbro. You should inform Crab and the team physicians of your medical opinion so they can relax a little on his rehab.
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Originally posted by NinerBuff:
tell that to RGIII or AP... you underestimate modern medicine.

manningham has had poorer rehab progress than rg3. crabs achilles won't be competition-ready in 5 months. a big part is crabs trusting his body after he's given the ok.
it's pie-in-the-sky to think you'll be getting blue-chip versions of these guys right on schedule.
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
gore is done when he says he's done

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