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As I look at the current 74 man roster and the moves that got the team to this point, it occurs to me that there are dramatic changes ahead for this team. The fact that we have so many players injured is one thing, but almost everyone on the PUP or IR is going to be on this team if and when they come back healthy. Add to that the plethora of draft picks this team has, once again, and the next 12 months is going to be interesting.

WR Michael Crabtree
WR Mario Manningham
DT Tank Carradine
DT Quinton Dial

These four guys are expected back some time this season. That means we will see a big roster change at two positions. If we carry 5 WRs going into the season, at least one of them won't make it out. Boldin, KW, and Patton are the safest. They will keep their spots unless an injury occurs. Moore has played well, but has never made an impact as a WR before so the season is really an extended tryout for him. Baldwin might get a longer leash since he is just coming to the team. Who gets cut probably depends on production and health, but it figures to be a tough choice.

As for the defensive line, Justin Smith, Ray McDonald, Ian Williams, and Glenn Dorsey appear to be the core of the unit. They aren't going anywhere. Tony Jerrod-Eddie has had a very good preseason and seems to be a rising player. Tukuafu and Dobbs have been disappointing for their own reasons. Tukuafu has the strength and Dobbs has the quickness, but they have both underachieved. Carradine and Dial will take over for two of these guys just because the team wants to see what they have. If Tukuafu and/or Dobbs can't crack the rotation, they will be gone. I think Jerrod-Eddie makes the team and sticks.

After the season we will have these guys returning:

RB Marcus Lattimore
CB Chris Culliver

Lattimore's form could mean that this is Gore's last season here. Culliver will come back to a positiuon group in flux. Nnamdi, Brown, Cox, and Brock will be free agents. Rogers needs a very strong year to justify his contract. Culliver may be the only starting caliber player in this group before the draft and Free Agency.

We will also have OT Like Marquardt and CB Eric Wright at some point this season. Neither of them will be guaranteed a spot, but it will necessitate more roster moves. Add in the 11 draft picks we have already and the need to sign guys like Kaepernick, Iupati and Boone, and we will see plenty of new faces. Interesting times ahead. Now, if only the league would expand rosters to 60 players...
Good post.

Injuries always happen and I agree there will be some tough calls to make down the line.

I guess it will come down to performance and that's a way off.
Well Dobbs and Tukuafu are free agents after this year and could both very well be gone so that covers Dial and Carradine's spots if they arent back this year. Dixon is a free agent after this year so that could be Lattimore's spot. Just not sure who would be short yardage and also means one less ST player. I think we let Gore play out his contract here. I'd rather have him restructure if need be and get to play in the new stadium and lose Dixon than lose Gore.

Now if those guys do come back this year will be tough to decide but I wouldn't be surprised if Lattimore, Carradine and maybe Dial don't play this year. If they do have to make room I'd say Tukuafu or Jerod-Eddie (if he makes it over Tukuafu) seem like the likely ones to go for DL. At WR would probably be Hall (or Collie/Hawkins) that would go when Manningham gets back. Then when Crabtree gets back could very well keep 7 WRs.

As for the changes I have been saying expect a youth movement though. Will be a lot of new faces. Whitner, Goodwin, Jennings, Dixon could all be gone. Haralson is already gone.
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Gore will be here next year unless hunter has a 1000 yd season or gore gets hurt or underperforms. sub 1000 yds (IMO)
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But isn't it nice being in this position. Instead of the days of the
"Do we pick up ______ if cut" threads
I see Tank returning, maybe Dial, so Tuk and Dobbs. Idk if we keep TJE. Maybe he slips thru waivers and on PS. I just dont know if we afford 7 DL on this roster, when Brooks and Aldon can line up at DE.

Mario and Crabs will be difficult. If we keep 6 WRs, the 6th gets bumped. Then when Crabs is ready, idk, a CB? Or a DL if we keep 7.

The good thing is we can carry 8 LBs and be fine, cause we wont have 9 active on game days.

Marquardt is a stash on NFI for he season. Wright idk about. depends on the play of our CBs.
Originally posted by 99problems:
But isn't it nice being in this position. Instead of the days of the
"Do we pick up ______ if cut" threads

God, those were awful years. lol
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Good post and something we've all wondered about at times...where/how is everyone going to fit in when the above return this season? If you account for injuries, which hopefully won't be much, some of these roster decisions will just work themselves out. It's a nice problem to have vs. the other way. Of all the newcomers to the team that have a good chance joining later this year, I'm most looking forward to seeing Tank play and have an impact.
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The interesting thing to me is the way that Baalke is stockpiling players on the PUP/reserve and NFI/reserve lists. I'm not aware of any other team in the league that's doing this to the same extent. The 49ers are stashing guys here that can be drawn upon later in the season if there are injuries at their position. If they're not needed, they can sit out the season and continue to be developed for next year. I wouldn't assume that Carradine, Dial, or even Manningham will be activated this year. It'll depend on injuries and how players ahead of them on the active roster perform.

As to your point: yes there will be a logjam and this is exactly how Harbaugh wants it. Competition at every position makes you better. Sometimes it's not fair, as when Alex Smith loses his job because of injury or Mario Manningham has to watch other players being added and ascending the depth chart while he rehabs his knee. But ultimately the man who is better (right now) wins and that makes the team better in the long run.
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Also, this: "Now, if only the league would expand rosters to 60 players...". And, how about allowing for a few more active players on gameday with all the injuries, etc.? I hate it when the Niners have to use some of their every-down starters so much on Special Teams, for example (i.e., Bowman). I mean, Bowman is fast and can tackle with the best of them - perfect combo for ST - but I don't want to risk him out there when we need his skills over the course of a long season at ILB. (O.k., now I'm off the thread's topic...)

Originally posted by 99problems:
But isn't it nice being in this position. Instead of the days of the
"Do we pick up ______ if cut" threads

This. God I'm glad we're back
I really don't think Crabbs and Mario will be factors this season. I'm hoping the opposite, but I think we'll be using the guys we open the season with.
gore is done when he says he's done
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imo, crabs and manningham will be worthless this season. you just don't become the player you were this soon after those injuries. this season, these two won't be good enough players to warrant active roster spots.
just go with what we got.
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carradine and dial won't have the reps/experience to warrant active roster spots later this season.
they'll play only if guys get injured.
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