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Discuss 49ers' todays cuts

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Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by 4evrfan:
We essentially dump Gray, who showed lots of promise, judged by the number of teams vying for him, and sign a Seattle castoff receiver with the intention to switch him to TE, which Gray played?
And what's with the trade of Cam Johnson, who seems to be coming into his own? You can never have too many good pass rushers, and now we have one less, and for what? Does anyone know what we got in return?
It will be interesting to see how some of the players we released do in the long run, esp developmental guys like Cooper and Gray.

People say this every year, and ultimately, none of these guys do anything of merit. Last year it was Nathan Palmer who was such a "terrible loss", now he's not even on an NFL roster. Chris Owusu was supposed to be the guy that the 49ers let "get away", and he's gone from Tampa Bay's 53 man roster to their practice squad.

Cam Johnson looked good....for a the preseason.....going up against several guys who aren't on NFL rosters anymore. Yes, he's got promise, but he wasn't going to get anywhere on this roster with Skuta and Lemonier ahead of him.

Gray looks like a decent prospect but he's incredibly raw, needs to develop as a blocker, who knows where his ceiling is, might be a quality TE in the NFL someday, might be out of the NFL by next season, its hard to tell. As far as Harper goes, he's considerably more polished, a better blocker, and far more suited to the h-back role that Delanie Walker previously played for the 49ers.

Actually Konrad Reuland is one of NY Jets best TE's, probably not saying much though.
Originally posted by Muggins:
Tolzien sure did look awesome against us 3 years ago in that one preseason game though.

this. this is why I was glad to get him as a back up when SD waived him. He just couldn't miss against us and kept moving the chains.
The only player I can think that has come back to haunt the 49ers is Harvey Dahl. Anyone got any other names for that list?

This year Cooper to me is the one that seems like the most likely release to do something in the nfl.
Originally posted by natrone06:
The only player I can think that has come back to haunt the 49ers is Harvey Dahl. Anyone got any other names for that list?

This year Cooper to me is the one that seems like the most likely release to do something in the nfl.

Yeah, like the rest of the fans at one time or another we all overrate our players at one point or another when in reality very few players that we have cut at least recently have ever done anything. It's happened to us all but some posters are constantly overrating guys and they just fall in love with them too easily. Then when they get cut they act like there is no point in living anymore. LOL I wasn't nearly as bad as some but I have gotten upset over guys getting cut. I'm more level headed now and see the bigger picture. I would agree though out of any that were cut I'd say Cooper has the best chance to do anything in the NFL. Gray I thought had potential but we probably upgraded with Harper. The only player I would have been really upset about cutting this year would have been Daniels. It's not a school boy crush, I think we really have something with him. He's made throws that I didn't see Tolzien make in 3 years and he's shown some veteran moves out there. Not a lot of rookies out there pump faking off defenders coming after them or pump faking on the run. I said this before and don't want to turn this into an Alex thing but I think you can count on one hand the number of times he pump faked in his 8 years here.
By the way here are some cuts from the years: Hopefully I got the right year, kind of hard to find the guys who were cut:

2012 ;
(Josh Johnson, most ended up back on our team)

Trading Colin Jones, Phillip Adams

Brian De La Puenta

Bear Pascoe

Says Thomas Clayton and Lelie Among them, trying to find others, neither of them losses at all

2007: (first 2 posts)
Harvey Dahl probably biggest in all these years

Dont see anybody that was a loss at all

tony brown, joselio hanson (like most of these guys better after he left)

Ok, keep in mind our horrible coaching staff. Dahl is the only one that went on to have a good career. Brown and Hanson did decent, the rest not too big of losses. Keep in mind our coaching staff then, you might say why cut someone like Dahl, etc but these guys probably got a lot better after they left here. So when we cut them they weren't anywhere near as good as they were when they went on to other teams.
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