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Winners and Losers from Preseason Game 3

Originally posted by brodiebluebanaszak:
Reid's play is impressive. He's so natural, reacts so well. Reliable tackler. Does anyone else think he might eventually wind up as free safety? I think he's a reliable hitter but not a big hitter. he won't cost us 15 yarders. He sees the field so well, he needs freedom to react. He really looked good.

thought he was our FS?

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Winner: Brian Jennings. Perfect snaps. Nice try Rook. Maybe in thirty years when the man retires.
I really like the way that BJ daniels looked in the fourth quarter. I think he has a chance to lock up the #2 spot, and McCoy will play #3.

I also appreciated some of the tough catches baldwin pulled down - he looks like a winner. His speed isnt the best but the physical tools are definitely there. He has potential to be a long-term reciever for the niners if he keeps playing like that.

Jewel hampton played well, but with all of the RBs trying to make the team its going to be tough.

LMJ lacked vision in his play. I hate when RBs run into the back of the OL when a cut would have gotten them into open space.

Moore and Patton were awesome. I'm really comfortable now with what at the announcement of crabtree's injury I thought would be a terrible WR corps. I think the niners recieving group is better overall than any we've fielded since Rice left the team.

All in all, a solid showing by the niners. GJ team.
Originally posted by boast:
thought he was our FS?

You're right. My bad. No need to change a thing, then. Goldson plays the big hit so much, I just wasn't thinking.
Brooks and Patton stood out the most.
Winners: Daniels, Patton, Moore, Hawkins

Losers: Hawkins, Thomas, Tolzien, Looney, KC Front Office, AJ Jenkins
Originally posted by ads_2006:
Winners: Daniels, Patton, Moore, Hawkins

Losers: Hawkins, Thomas, Tolzien, Looney, KC Front Office, AJ Jenkins

Losers: AJ Jenkins
Originally posted by OX49er253:
Winner: Brian Jennings. Perfect snaps. Nice try Rook. Maybe in thirty years when the man retires.

He might end up retiring the most wealthy football player in history by the time he's in his 70's making millions a year at the league minimum.
Wow, LMJ looked fantastic. Dixon played great.

WRs....Boldin, Baldwin, Moore , Patton, Hall, Collie all played well, but of the locks, Moore and Patton looked terrific.

RBs...good grief , we are gonna cut 3 guys that will definitely start somewhere else...I got no idea who. They are all excellent.

Hawkins...fantastic, just fantastic...but Coach Harbaugh is NOT going to keep a real talent who has no brains....or is deaf. First play, the TD, he could have legitimately gotten 3 flags. They gave him two. Coach H gave him hell and Hawkins acknowledged his mistake, then 15 mins later, did it again. Great talent, sawdust between his ears means he's gone, no matter how dam good he is. Adios. Guys like that play well for you , get in playoffs, then pull a bonehead foul like that...unh..unh. We got too much talent we have to cut and Hawkins may be better than someone else, but he loses on sheer stupidity, lack of self control, whatever you want to call it.

Vance...fantastic. And he was catching Colt's fastballs , altho not as hot as Kaps. Speaking of Colt, he just secured the backup QB job.1 INT he got faked out on by the LB, and one pass to WR was 4 ft high. Other than that, scrambled well, threw great on the run, and kept his head in the game, all 2qtrs and change. He looked like he belonged here, knows the playbook and looks like a QB that can run our team if Kap gets injured. And he will do good too. Tolz is gone, said to say. BJ, maybe on PS, I don't know. Man he is fast. STs probably, but we already got a lot of those. Seneca...looked good in a couple plays. Was he brot here to get in the head of Carroll? This acquisition puzzled me, but he is FAST.

The speed of play was really impressive. Ball snapped, Colt rolls out, and hits his man on the fly....and on the button too.

Loved the playcalls

Kinda like(ok I love or PK).

Staley got beaten twice in one series, but no damage to QB. OL looked dominating.

DL looked dominating. Our second team D pretty well played their 1st string O even steven.

Only 1 late call in coming in to QB...we are improving.

Reid was an excellent pick. May does not hit as hard as goldson , but he can actually prevent passes from being completed...something unknown to goldson. Overall, our DBs got beat for completions at times, but played very well. Doesn't hurt that we had the best front 7 in football in front of them. Have to review who blew a couple pass plays, but overall, thot they did good.

Loved our playcalling. And the read option? Unnnhh....doesn't seem like vikes have it figured out yet...actually, roman and JH have changed it a bit , to stay ahead of the Ds.

STs did well by not blitzing by PR. Instead, they corralled him, and let him get 5-10 yrds, but didn't do any of that foolish stuff of going by PR at 100mph and taking themselves out of the play. ST played a lot better mentally than last yr. Way to go.

jeez, we are going to cut 2-3 WRs, and a couple RBs, and I would like to keep them all. That is a crying shame. Way to go TRent on the amazing talent brot to camp. PURE Harbaugh: "We are going to play all 5 Qbs tonite". Right. We played Colt long enough to know he is the one. Have to say our 7th pick is a real football player tho. Maybe he stays as 3rd Qb and plays ST or WR?

Kap...started off like I do on first 3 holes of golf. I look like I don't know which end of the club to hold....then I wake up and bingo. Kap, for 8 plays looked that way, then he suddenly caught fire and played lites out until he left. I was really anxious to see how he did with WRs, TEs, and backs out of the backfield. Answer? Terrific.

DBs...honestly need to review tape but Reid looked good, somebody (or 2) blew coverages down near goal line. Overall they looked good but that was mainly because of #94, #99, our LBs, and the rest of the BEST SEVEN. Hard to tell how the DBs played but did see nice tackle by Reid.

Punter...avg A+.

Play calls....for a preseason, really good . Impressive how fast those plays were run...not a no huddle but the plays really went quick. We have truly got 4 first string RBs. Amazing. Also 6 starting WRs. More amazing. Poor Hawkins, Missed a chance to get a run at a ring. He'll learn...maybe...but not here. For a hurry up offense, Colt played like he was here last yr. Looks like he already knows the playbook. He is a keeper.
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Originally posted by buck:
Should have left there. Change the #$%ing title.

Also, there was a thread on the subject. Do a search before you start a thread.

Eliminates duplicate threads. Duplicate threads make discussions more difficult.

well i thought it was a joke on the safeway ads i keep getting(and thought he did too)

really, i would bet everything i have, if he did a search for it, nothing would have come up.

seeing as how both posts were at 8:08pm and the 2nd post actually has substance, not your thoughts?
Lavelle Hawkins... massive, enormous facepalm.
Originally posted by NickSh49:
Lavelle Hawkins... massive, enormous facepalm.

Seriously, he turned a great performance into a cut-worthy one.
Winner: The dude who ran out on the field, juked the cop and slid just short of the goal line. Also the crowd for getting some nice waves. Also seemed like everyone was more info the game than they've been in a long time.

Losers: Stadium security. I swear you can't even fart without security wanting to bust you. The other guy who ran out on the field and didn't make it far.
Winners - McCoy, Daniels, Patton, Moore, Baldwin, Hampton

Losers - Tolzien, Looney, Bykowski, Collie, Hall, Hawkins, Thomas
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