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WR Situation is better than we all expected.

Originally posted by vermonator:
I have a feeling that Williams might be traded or cut, most likely cut since he's returning from an injury. All depends on how, and if, he plays in the San Diego game. Wouldn't be surprised if he's cut today.

I think he's getting a fair hot. He's comfortable in the system and has shown flashes that he could be productive. A roster spot is his to lose. If he limps through this year with injuries, he'll definitely be cut. You might be right though. If he looks out of place or rusty against SD, moving forward wih Hall or Collie would make a lot of sense. We have enough injuries to worry about with Crab and Manningham. We can't afford to have another guy nursing his body durin the season.
Marlon Moore has been running great routes and is always getting open
Williams will not be cut. Infact, he will have his best year to date.
Collie hasnt impressed me
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
Collie hasnt impressed me

I'd be very surprised if he makes the team
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