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What was Harbaugh and Roman's obsession to utilize Bruce Miller in the passing game? There's a reason why traditional FBs are a rare breed in the NFL...especially when you opted for him instead of Vance McDonald.

The play-calling was atrocious, and Kaepernick made horrible, Jay Cutler-like, decisions in the game.

Reality check time.
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The defense eventually wore out, and the lapses started to mount...then the mental errors and the stupid fouls started happening. With the offense, the problem starts with the line I think. They aren't controlling the line of scrimmage on run plays. Easy holes for Gore just aren't there. Not sure what the problem is, but it needs to be fixed because without the balance of a good running game we won't be able to win much.
Originally posted by bzborow1:

Given the "fish out of water" look of the offense tonight, I'm almost wondering if the problem was scheme. What they were doing just wasn't putting anybody in positions to succeed. One example from a layman might be the complete absence of bunching receivers.

Was shocked not to see this tonight as well. Carolina didn't go off but they (and other teams) have shown that using those bunch formations is pretty helpful against that press coverage.
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the fact that it's legal to hit ankles in a direction that only allows the ankle to break or be injured, is absurd.
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Originally posted by Joecool:
Originally posted by dj43:
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Originally posted by dj43:
HaRo have no answer for Seattle's gap-based defense. They have seen it 5 times and they still make no adjustments. You can't block for the run if you can't get an angle on the defenders. You might bull doze someone out of the hole on occasion but you won't make a living doing it. Mangini needs to step up and show Jim why his offense can't run the ball against it.

Which is why I don't understand why Hunter didn't get any action. I love Frank to death, but we need to mix in Hunter because he has more burst to attack those gaps before they close. At least for a change of pace. We only run Hunter to the edges, and Seattle sniffed that out with ease on his first play. Too obvious.

The problem is, Seattle lines up a defender in every run gap. It doesn't matter who the running back is, he can't run where there is no hole.

The only way you get Seattle out of that defense is to put a group of good pass receivers in a spread formation and force them to move one of those 8 guys back out of the box.

Last year the Seahawks spread the field, forcing the 49ers to defend the space, and then ran Lynch up the open gaps. They did pretty much the same thing again tonight.

Not really. There is a way but it would be difficult. It would require our OL to zone block for two games a year.

Zone blocking would work but not when the OL is outmanned the way Seattle does it. They kept 8 men on the LOS at what seemed like 95% of the time. Sooner or later, you have to force them out of putting 8 men in the box.
49ers need a WR that can stretch the field. when a team has a def that can pass rush and your secondary doesnt have to worry bout a deep threat to stretch the DBs out to make room for open spots in coverage. It will be tough for any offense to operate.. Baalk as to find a deep threat... 49ers has too many WRs that are similar in style none of which are down field threats.
I cannot wait to see the press conferences and body language after this contest. I want to see how we respond because with the schedule we got we can end up 7 - 1 at the bye
Yowzers, I just got back from the game. That was a bummer.

The defense held in there for a LONG time, but the offense just couldn't get anything going. I don't think this game could be blamed anywhere on the defense. They played their hearts out. If I had to nitpick on one area in particular, I would say that Colin needs to get some nerves of steel; hopefully that will come with experience. He looked WAY too rattled out there tonight, and I'm wondering if the 12th man has gotten into his head. I was surprised the run game didn't get going earlier either.

To be fair though, that is a REALLY hard stadium for anyone to play in, so he had his work cut out for him from the get go.

On a side note, I will say this, the crowd was a LOT more civil this year than it was last year.
Let's lick our wounds and regroup.
People need to realize that the Seahawks are a team that is built perfectly to beat us, a stacked defensive line full of pass rushers and a ridiculous secondary that can be left on an island and lock down receivers. Combine that with that f**king stadium impeding our offense from getting in a rhythm, and you get this.

I find some comfort knowing that our defense somewhat shut Wilson and Lynch down. Wilson didn't do s**t all game, and Lynch averaged under 4 yards a carry. He was stuffed more often than not. And the best thing about that was THAT WAS IN SEATTLE, and we MIGHT not have to play there again this year.

Offenses always struggle when playing in Seattle, so I saw this one coming. Obviously I wish we played a little better, but Seattle is a great team (second best in the NFL IMO) and they are practically unbeatable while playing in Seattle.

If it comes down to it, having the tie-breaker over them at the end of the year is going to be crucial. Winning in SF when we play them is a must, because I will have nightmares the entire week leading up to a playoff game in Seattle.

We'll be fine. People who are freaking out need to realize that winning this game would've been an incredible upset, and realize that our defense exposed their offense and made it way less imposing, at least from my perspective.

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Originally posted by GEEK:
What was Harbaugh and Roman's obsession to utilize Bruce Miller in the passing game? There's a reason why traditional FBs are a rare breed in the NFL...especially when you opted for him instead of Vance McDonald.

The play-calling was atrocious, and Kaepernick made horrible, Jay Cutler-like, decisions in the game.

Reality check time.

Yeah, for Kap...whether it was forcing throws into double coverage, or passing up an easy run for a first down for a much riskier pass (and incompletion)..he played just about as s**tty a game today as he played an awesome one last week.
Originally posted by eonblue:
Alot of good point here.

First and I'll probably get flamed for this but I sure hope Gore isn't losing his last step. One play in particular. The 2nd RZ possession. He found the gap after he hit it there was some traffic. An explosive back would've done just that. Exploded. Gore just loses waaay to much speed after his initial cut. We need more acceleration in between the tackles.Maybe it was just a bad game. Why wasn't hunter in?

Second Yes Sherman is a beast but he's also a cocky a*****e. He thinks "OOOO were so mistreated" "no one thinks were good". Yea right. Whatever. The entire media jocks on their nuts. Give it up and stop comparing yourseld to Revis.

The problem was the scheme. We just pounded the rock into a wall. We didn't spread it out. We reilied on Moore, Patton, and Wlliams to create seperation against the best secondary in the league. Not to mention barely in bunch WRs and barely in spread formation. Dumb. Just dumb.

Agree 100%

Again, I love Frank but he looks very slow at times. He's started off past seasons slow as well, so maybe he picks it up, but Hunter clearly has more burst at this stage. There were a few runs tonight where I though Hunter would have exploded through the gap and beaten the defender.

The problem was absolutely scheme. I don't believe for one second Seattle's talent on D is that much superior to our offense. HarRoman flat out have no answers for this defense, and they better brainstorm because if they can't think of anything, we'll lose next time too.
I think our line held up that there was a lot of deep second consuming routes....with the wrong type/lack of receivers out there
Originally posted by father49er:
I'm not saying the D didn't play a good game, just the D line got pushed around. Even in the first half, the hawks were getting 3 yard pushes on runs. I rarely see this happen to the 9ers run D.

dude they were giving up 5 yards max in the 1st half and most of their runs were around 3 yards. Look at the passing stats in the 1st half. Nothing. Nada. Dominated. We made the one dimensional and it showed.
Originally posted by niners94:
Let's lick our wounds and regroup.

no espn/nfln for me this week
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