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INFO: Where: Seattle

When : Sunday, Sunday 15, 2013 Time: 5:30 PM PST

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- 98
can't fkn wait!!! Their OL has been lookin like poo. If RW wasn't so slippery, they'd be in big trouble.
9ers will dominate.
Its on like Donkey Kong
Without further ado!!!!

The Panthers held Marshawn Lynch in check and rattled Russell Wilson.

We need to do the same thing to them against a noisy Hawk fanbase.
Niners gonna f**k these cheaters up! Oh, and f**k the 12th Man!

Not confident against the Seahawks. I see us pulling this one out, but it won't be an easy one.

Gotta run sone false start drills all week. Can't play that sloppy again
Kaep and the coaches need to tighten up those delay of game and timeouts. That s**t is getting retarded
please, no 49ers receivers hurt (like what seems to ALWAYS happen up there)

& sign MRob for a week
Hopefully we just play our game and not try to force anything.
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