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Opponents focused on the Pistol...

Obviously, opponents now have films on Kaepernick and the Pistol offense, so it stands to reason that some teams may be better equipped to face it.

But who says the Niners will be operating exclusively out of the type of offense?

I think we all were pleasantly surprised by Kaepernicks pocket presence and accuracy last year, so relying on a more traditional offense this year (if need be) isn't an issue. But the beauty of the Pistol is the flexibility it provides. Even on plays that are not read options, defenses will still have to respect the possibility of a straight up handoff or Kaepernick breaking the pocket. And inevitably, at some point late in games when fatigue is a factor for the defense, the Pistol will result in some big plays.

The wildcard moreso is the WRs (naturally), but you don't need All Pros out wide to move the football. I liken the Niners offense to the early 2000 Chiefs: strong running game with Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson, top tier TE in Gonzalez and so-so WRs in Eddie Kennison and...? But Kaepernick is the difference maker and if can stay healthy and build upon last year, the offense will remain a matchup problem for defenses.
So you see why the Mangini deal makes sense.
Pistol isn't an offense, it's a formation.
Yes Pistol is a formation and CK7 is the master of it
Can't stand announcers talking about the pistol. When the season starts teams are going to be really surprised when Kap just stands in the pocket and picks them apart.
The pistol is so awesome because you can really be deceptive out of it and run almost anything, with the added threat of Kap burning you on the ground if you f**k up. Let them prepare for it, and what they prepare for will tell the niners what plays to use so defenses will be running around with their pants around their ankles.
"Opponents focused on the shotgun formation", "opponents focused on the I-formation" sounds about equally as goofy as those. The pistol is just a football formation, simple as that. I think it would be the hilarious if the 49ers went out against Green Bay, didn't have a single snap in the pistol formation, and still creamed them.
We will be running our 4 minute offense out of the pistol formation.
the niners do not have a "base offense", which is why we can dominate teams. they can prepare all week for our pistol and we might use it just once. then next week we use it 30 times. thats the great thing about having a qb like kap
I hope the media keeps propagating the lie that the pistol is a fad like the wildcat. It seems there are some coachs in in the nfl who really believe it. Like you guys are saying, its a formation. The read option they could game plan for stopping. Even then they are going to have a hard time stopping it. It seems like a lot of these guys are banking on these running qbs getting hurt. Its almost like they are trying to scare teams out of running it. I can't recall kap ever missing a game in college from an injury. I think the pistol is here to stay. I really don't even see the read option going completely away.

People seem to forget that we were an elite team well before we started using the Pistol. Kap can do it all. Just that fact that teams have to prepare for it is an advantage. We might not use it at all some games. Its all about keeping the defense on its toes.
Originally posted by Harbaalke:
Yes Pistol is a formation and CK7 is the master of it

f**k yea!
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All of the above plus no1curr and no1scurred...
Originally posted by darkknight49:
Originally posted by Harbaalke:
Yes Pistol is a formation and CK7 is the master of it

f**k yea!

Thats one of the best things about it. You can run just about any type of play from it, so teams cant just sit on a read option play.
It's like combination punching in boxing.

We run it down their throats and then pistol whip them.
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